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CousinsWe spent a very short three days last week in Michigan meeting Isla’s new cousin Laila and hanging with the boys. We hadn’t seen my sister and her family for nearly a year so it was a long overdue visit filled with lots of cousin bonding. These kids really love each other. Isla and James, who is now the middle child, quickly became best friends. They ate every meal together, he encouraged her to pick her nose, scolded her for every little thing the way his big brother does to him and she bossed him around in return. It was so fun to watch. Now that we’re home, she’s been asking for him and wondering why his high chair isn’t parked right next to her at mealtime. It’s sad and wonderful all at once. We took the kids to the pool one day, which was mayhem and has caused me to reevaluate our procreation schedule, ate ice cream and spent a lot of time playing in the yard. Oh, and my nephews are starting a nudist colony and Isla was all too happy to join them. Three days was not enough, but I’m not complaining because any time with these guys is worth the wait.

We didn’t bring the camera, so here are a few iPhone snaps from the trip.

IslaThree days in the “country” and my daughter is a half naked hillbilly.

Isla and JamesLailaIsla and James Laila Laila_Rain_4 Laila First plane rideOur short flight to Detroit was Isla’s first time on a plane and she was wonderful. She only used the iPad for about 5 minutes and spent the rest of the time covering us in stickers, eating snacks, reading the flight safety instructions, playing with her toy car and coloring. On the way home, she slept the entire way. She was a model passenger!

First plane rideFirst plane rideFirst plane rideFirst plane rideUntil next time Michigan!



we need a vacation

wooden arrow sign in a tree in Cape May, NJ that reads: To the beachWe need a vacation. A little quiet time away from our laptops, all this concrete and the grind of normal life. Just the three of us. Somewhere warm with a beach (or at least some large bodies of water), fun, yet leisurely activities and gorgeous views. Somewhere fit for both adults and an insanely energetic toddler. Tell me your favorite places to vacation, both domestically and abroad, that won’t break the bank. Everything from eating lobster on the harbor in Maine to massages on the beach in Turks and Caicos.

Ready, go!