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Pepper Place Design Linen JumpsuitI’ve been searching everywhere for a jumpsuit for spring and summer. Something linen, striped and with short sleeves and wide legs. Pretty specific, I know. I found this one, from Pepper Place Design, about a year ago while browsing Instagram and instantly fell for it. But the sizing was limited and since it’s handmade I was uneasy about having it hemmed.

Fast forward to this spring. I hadn’t found a jumpsuit that fit the bill and was still dreaming about this one. I went out on a limb and asked Amy, who designs and hand makes these, if she’d hem it for me, knowing full well she’s a busy lady with lots of customers. Not only did she agree, she was incredibly helpful as I struggled to determine the appropriate length for something I had never seen in person, let alone tried on. She went out of her way and, as a result, I am over the moon with this jumpsuit and Amy’s shop.

This is exactly why I love buying clothes from the actual people who make them. I know that’s not always possible, but Instagram is a great resource for small shopping. And let me just note, at the $60 preorder price (or the $72 full price), this jumpsuit was more affordable than most of the others I had found online.

It’s softer than I expected, fits better than I thought it would (the length is perfect) and feels like it was made just for me. Because it was. It arrived just in time for my birthday so I wore it for a night out with my husband, welcoming 35 feeling comfortable, confident and, of course, stylish. Worth every penny.

{Pepper Place Design jumpsuit; Made by Mary necklaces (Lana bar + charm); Madewell bag;
Dolce Vita sandals (old, similar below)}
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Pepper Place Design Linen JumpsuitPepper Place Design Linen JumpsuitPepper Place Design Linen JumpsuitPepper Place Design Linen Jumpsuit



Pyne and Smith Linen DressIt’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit, or posted anything for that matter, and I figured this dress was a good reason to hop back into blogging. We’ve taken a little break, as I mentioned in my last post, to get settled into our new house and rethink some of my goals for the blog. I thought I was done blogging, to be honest, but I missed it, so I’m back for the time being.

Onto the dress. It’s linen, a little oversized and lovely. It’s also handmade by a woman in California, which makes me love it even more. I’m trying my best to shop responsibly when it comes to both food and clothing (and everything in between), but that can get difficult and expensive. I scored big with this purchase and have a feeling I’ll be wearing it often as the heat bears down on the city.

Bonus: The loose fit and breezy linen make this dress a great “non maternity” option for all you expecting or postpartum moms out there. Maternity wear is hard, so give Pyne and Smith Clothiers a look. (Ahem, no, I am not pregnant. Don’t go trying to read between any lines.)

I’d love to discover more small shops/local designers/dressmakers so please share your favorites in the comments!

{on me: Pyne and Smith Clothiers linen dress; Madewell denim vest (similar) + bag; Ray-Ban sunglasses; Joie sandals
// on Isla: Saltwater sandals; old romper}

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Pyne and Smith Linen DressPyne and Smith Linen DressPyne and Smith Linen DressPyne and Smith Linen Dress



OutfitTurns out this romper is shown on Anthropologie’s website under “intimates and sleepwear.” Coulda fooled me. I do not get this dressed up to go to sleep. By the end of the day I’m lucky if I can get my contacts out and face washed. Okay no, I always wash my face and take my contacts out, but you get what I’m saying. I will say though that this thing is comfortable enough to sleep in so I suppose it makes sense.

{ON ME: Anthropologie romper; old vest; Naot sandals via Carella’s Art & Sole; Made by Mary necklaces
// ON ISLA: Old Navy shorts; Gap top (on sale); Target sandals}

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Anthropologie denim romper; linen vest; Naot Santa Barbara sandals with red solesOutfitOutfit



Off-the-shoulder Zara topThis top is so great. I thought for sure it would constantly ride up my shoulders and piss me off or that not wearing a bra would be floppy and weird in something this loose or that its boxy shape would make me look, um, boxy. Nope to all three. There’s a built-in bra that is actually comfortable, I kinda like the boxy shape, and it doesn’t budge on my shoulders. Feeling pretty trendy right now, just in time for summer to end and autumn to never, ever arrive because global warming.

{Zara top + jeans; Made by Mary necklaces (Lana bar + charm); Madewell bag; Urban Outfitters sunglassesSoludos smoking slippers}

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Off-the-shoulder Zara topOff-the-shoulder Zara topOff-the-shoulder Zara topOff-the-shoulder Zara topOff-the-shoulder Zara topOff-the-shoulder Zara top



Petit_Bateau_Navy_Rain_Coat_3It took me a really long time to find a rain coat. We’re talking years. Every season I’d look around and Pin things I like online but I could never find exactly what I wanted. Because pushing a double stroller and carrying an umbrella is damn near impossible, I wanted something waterproof, obviously, and hooded. Something with a lining that’s warm enough for fall and cool enough for spring. Something loose enough for layering but not too drapey and oversized. And something blue. I toyed with bright yellow, because who doesn’t love a bright yellow rain coat? But blue is more my style and I found the perfect bright yellow rain coat for Isla (which I got on sale) so I’ll just live vicariously through her, as I do with the rest of her wardrobe. After lots of searching, I settled on this coat from Petit Bateau. I thought they only made kids clothes, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a women’s section. The coat is exactly what I wanted and needed. I now find myself looking forward to rain just so I can wear it! And while it’s a bit more than I wanted to spend, Petit Bateau offers 30 percent off plus free shipping on your first order when you sign up for email. Bonus! Money well spent.

{ON ME: Petit Bateau rain coat; top from Miss Demeanor; Madewell jeans; Converse sneakers // ON ISLA: Gap rain coat; Zara dress; H&M leggings; Converse kids’ sneakers}

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petit_bateau_navy_rain_coat_7Petit_Bateau_Navy_Rain_Coat_6Women's Petit Bateau Navy Rain Coat + Gap Kids Yellow Rain CoatPetit_Bateau_Navy_Rain_Coat_4Petit_Bateau_Navy_Rain_Coat_5Petit_Bateau_Navy_Rain_Coat_2 Petit_Bateau_Navy_Rain_Coat