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New York Skyline My little sister flew into town from Tennessee with a friend just for one night over the weekend to join us for a Yankee game. The Yankees retired Jorge Posada’s no. 20 before the game started and since he’s my favorite player (I have his jersey — in a kids size!) my uncle made sure we all had tickets. It was the most beautiful day and Isla had a blast. Chris wore his Phillies t-shirt, of course, but my girl is clearly following in her mama’s footsteps. She danced around, made friends with the people around us, took a little cat nap and kept us laughing the whole time. After the Yankees won we grabbed dinner at our favorite burger place (Corner Bistro on the corner of West 4th and Jane) and ended our visit enjoying the view from my uncle’s rooftop. Oh, New York. Some day you will be mine.

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