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Maternity Style


My Favorite Maternity JeansEvery single time I post a picture on Instagram or elsewhere wearing these jeans someone asks me where I got them. Since they’re by far my favorite maternity jeans I decided I dedicate a post to them.

Let me start by saying they’re not cheap. I justified the expense by telling myself I needed jeans that had side panels because the ones from my last pregnancy with the elastic waistband got so stretched out I couldn’t wear them again until very late in this pregnancy (without showing some serious bum and pulling them up every second). I also promised myself they would be the only pair I’d buy the whole pregnancy, and I stuck to that. I bought them in my regular size and they fit like a glove, though they are incredibly long on my 4’11” legs, hence the rolling. I will say, this big baby of mine was riding LOW toward the end and that made ALL jeans and pants uncomfortable, but I still preferred these jeans over my others. And now, at nearly two weeks postpartum, I wear these every single day. (The picture in the bottom right corner was taken just a few days ago.) They are super comfortable and make me feel pulled together like a real person. I’m even wondering if I can just keep wearing them forever and ever!

So there you have it. These are my favorite maternity jeans from pregnancy no. 2 (shown above during all stages of pregnancy and beyond).

Maternity Style


Maternity Style: 41 WeeksGuess what? I’M STILL PREGNANT! At least while I’m typing this on Sunday, which marks 41 weeks! You’re wondering why I got dressed aren’t you? I knew it. It’s a fair question. I need some reason to get out of bed, don’t I? Besides my loving husband, beautiful daughter and all that Halloween candy she collected with my name on it, of course. Showers are my savior guys. And real clothes. Just let me have this, okay?

Now look, I’m aware I’m not the first person to go over my due date. I know plenty of people who went 10 days or even two weeks past, but since I’m going for a VBAC, my options are a little more limited. This simply means we’re really hoping baby boy will move things along all on his own before my scheduled C-section. Here’s hoping!

On the bright side, look at this sweet girl of mine? Besides the fact that she’s been such a brutal monster lately that I’m wondering if she’s scared her brother into never wanting to come out, she’s the most amazing little creature. That toothy smile makes every ache, tear-inducing pain and frustration melt away. Thank you sweet Bee for being mine.

Little Girl Fall FashionMaternity Style: 41 WeeksMaternity Style: 41 WeeksMaternity Style: 41 WeeksLittle Girl Fall FashionMaternity Style: 41 WeeksLittle Girl Fall FashionMaternity Style: 41 Weeks{ON ME: Zara blazer (old, but I love this one), Motherhood Maternity top (old, but I love this one); Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans; Nena & Co “Lucia” bag; Topshop hat; Halogen shoes (similar) // ON ISLA: Gap jacket (similar); H&M sweater; Old Navy skinny jeans; Zara shoes}
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Maternity Style


Maternity Style: 37 WeeksThings I miss: sushi, wine with dinner, jeans that button, sleep, being able to walk, did I already say sushi?

Any day now! These photos were taken one day shy of 38 weeks after a long, sleepless night of me wondering if I was in labor and then remembering I’m growing a tiny nocturnal human. If I thought my doctor wouldn’t lose her marbles I might request an intravenous caffeine drip. This stage of pregnancy is completely new to me. Isla was frank breech (meaning her head and feet up were both up near my ribs … butt first, like the little daredevil she is), which means she never really got into position. She always stayed up high and toward the end the discomfort had more to do with her size than her wiggling on down, if I remember correctly. This time around I’m feeling all the feelings associated with a headfirst baby getting ready to come on out. It’s extremely painful sometimes (like bring me to my knees painful), uncomfortable others and always pretty awe-inspiring when I see my belly move in these crazy ways like I’m about to give birth to a contortionist. But these are very good signs my doctor assures me. I’ve mentioned before that I’m going for a VBAC. That’s the plan at least, though I’ve mentally prepared myself as best I can for all options. A healthy baby is the goal here (obviously). To say I was relieved and overjoyed when the 36-week ultrasound confirmed he was head down is an understatement. The aches and pains are worth it if I can avoid that major surgery, or at least try. It’s not that my C-section was horrible. In fact, while it was certainly not comfortable in the weeks that followed, it was manageable. But that was before I had a nutty toddler running around, wanting all my attention and needing to be whisked upstairs at the drop of a hat so she can do her business on the potty (damn you old townhouse with no first floor bathroom!). Plus, there’s that whole business about too many C-sections making multiple pregnancies more dangerous or, in some cases, not possible without really scary consequences. Because of all that, I’ll skip the C if I can. And if I can’t, well we will survive and be distracted by the cuteness of baby boys and older sisters who are not yet old enough to fight with each other.

All that being said, hey baby boy, we’re ready when you are!

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Maternity Style: Sleeveless BlazerMaternity Style: Sleeveless BlazerMaternity Style: Sleeveless BlazerMaternity Style: 37 WeeksMaternity Style: Sleeveless Blazer{Target Maternity top; Alice & UO sleeveless blazer (similar); Zara scarf; Madewell jeans + booties (similar); Urban Outfitters sunglasses; Nixon watch; NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Never Say Never”}

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Maternity Style


Maternity_style_36_weeks8We may not have seen the Pope over the weekend, but we stumbled on a scarecrow and that was pretty cool, too. Our neighborhood in South Philly was like a ghost town all weekend since the city scared everyone away in the weeks leading up to the Pope’s visit. We heard business was pretty horrid all over the place as the hype kept the masses away until Sunday’s service. We loved it though. It was nice and peaceful. I may not be Catholic, but had I been able to walk we might have made our way to Center City just to see the crowds and feel like we were actually part of it all. Baby boy was having none of it though so we attended some celebrations of our own instead. We stopped by a block party at Philly’s real Pope (no really, there’s a bar in our neighborhood called The P.O.P.E.) and then attended a Pope party at a friend’s house nearby. I’d say it was a pretty eventful weekend overall, minus the whole actually seeing the Pope thing.

As of Sunday I’m officially 36 weeks. That is seriously crazy. This baby is coming so soon and we have no idea what’s about to hit us, in the best and most tiring way possible. Poor sweet Isla. She’s just clueless. I’m having trouble walking these days so we’re feeling a little trapped. Some days I can barely even make it up and down the stairs let alone out for walks with Isla so she’s going a little stir crazy. Mostly though baby boy is ready to rumble around dinner time and keeps me up all hours of the night squeezing my organs, jumping on my nerves and tendons and who knows what else he’s breaking. The other night we were putting Isla to bed and he put pressure on something that actually brought me to my knees and made me cry out in pain — twice. Poor Isla was so upset. She ran over to me yelling “MAMA, MAMA!” and hugged me and then did quite a bit of crying and calling my name after lights out. It was heartbreaking. I know that compared to how things could be going, this has been an uneventful and easy pregnancy, but these last few weeks are certainly making life a bit more challenging, especially with one very sweet, concerned, semi-aware toddler following me around like my shadow. Here’s hoping I have the strength to get through these final weeks and that baby boy comes out chubby and healthy. In the meantime, I’ll be on the couch.

Maternity_style_36_weeksIsla_Bee2Maternity_style_36_weeks6Maternity_style_36_weeks4Maternity_style_36_weeks7Isla_Bee Maternity_style_36_weeks9{ON ME: c/o PinkBlush Maternity sweater; Current/Elliott jeans; ASOS hat; DV by Dolce Vita shoes // ON ISLA: Old Navy sweater; Gap jeans; Converse sneakers}

Maternity Style


Maternity Style: 35 WeeksI never thought I’d say this, but I couldn’t have been happier to wake up to a grey, cool and breezy Sunday morning yesterday. I’m never quite ready to say goodbye to summer and it’s no secret long, cold winters with toddlers can be maddening and mind-numbing, but fall mornings are my absolute favorite. If I could walk more than two blocks without being overcome with those pesky Braxton Hicks contractions, I would’ve spent all day chasing our little munchkin around the city enjoying a perfectly beautiful sunshine-less day. But alas, at 35 weeks pregnant the fastest place I’m running to is the loo every 20 minutes. TMI maybe but you know it’s true.

We had a wonderful weekend filled with a much-needed haircut for me, one final, beautiful beach day with Chris’ entire family and a slow Sunday catching up with a friend and preparing for a long week of being trapped by the chaos that comes with Philly losing its damn mind over the Pope’s visit. Here’s hoping this baby boy stays comfortably inside this monster stomach until the madness ends and my hospital is once again accessible.

On an unrelated note, you know how the descriptions for maternity clothes will sometimes read: “fits through all stages of pregnancy”? Doesn’t that mean my clothes should still fit me? Right, well I’m calling bullshit because nothing fits me! I’m serious. The top I’m wearing here is not maternity and would be too big on me normally. Everything else I own is a crop top. And don’t even get me started on pants. Either this kid is crazy big or I fell for some serious false advertising. Either way, getting dressed is no bueno these days. On the bright side, Isla was really excited about our matching shoes (pictured below). She totally gets me.

Maternity Style: 35 WeeksMaternity Style: 35 WeeksMaternity Style: 35 WeeksMaternity Style: 35 WeeksMaternity Style: 35 WeeksMaternity Style: 35 Weeks{ON ME: Madewell shirt (similar); Cotton On tank top; ASOS Maternity jeans (similar);DV by Dolce Vita shoes; gifted James Michelle necklace; Nixon watch // ON ISLA: Zara top; Gap jeans (similar) + shoes (similar)}

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