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Memorial Day 2017Oh, hey! It’s been a while. We went MIA for a little bit there, but I thought I’d stop by and drop a little update and some family pictures from our annual Memorial Day weekend down the shore.

The big update is … We moved! Still in Philly, only a few blocks away actually, but it’s been a busy few months getting the house ready and getting settled. We bought it as it was being gutted so we got to customize/design the whole thing, which was an intimidating, time-consuming, but endlessly exciting endeavor. It has the private office Chris desperately needed, a small backyard, more living and sleeping space and is in a prime location. We’re thrilled! Maybe I’ll share some pictures as we finish up rooms and buy fun things. I’ve posted a few glimpses on my Instagram, so be sure to follow along there if you’re interested.

Anyway, that’s about it. Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I’ll be back soon!

xxMemorial Day 2017 Memorial Day 2017Memorial Day 2017Memorial Day 2017Memorial Day 2017Memorial Day 2017Memorial Day 2017Memorial Day 2017Memorial Day 2017Memorial Day 2017Memorial Day 2017



Kids wedding photos on beachMy cousin Kristin got married a couple of weeks ago in a beautiful beachfront wedding in the middle of a nor’easter. The bride was stunning, the groom (Andrew) was giddy and the kids were stinking adorable. I was honored to be a bridesmaid (my cousin has always been more like a sister to me) and I was thrilled when she asked if Isla would be their flower girl. Isla talked about “throwing flowers at Kristin’s wedding” for literally weeks before the big day. My nephew James was the ring bearer, or as he called himself the “ring carrier.” He’s four and he told everyone his job was “the most important wedding job because they can’t get married without rings!” My younger cousin Cayden, and my sister’s older son Ryan and Theo were “ushers” (meaning they showed up looking dapper and ready to party). Kristin let me choose everyone’s outfits and I couldn’t help myself. How freaking cute are they!? (Hashtag squad goals.)

Confession: the tiny lady in some of the pictures is my niece Laila, who didn’t actually attend the wedding. My sister and I are a little crazy (it’s in our genes) so the day after the wedding we got our kids all dressed up again so we could stage a photo shoot and include Laila in the fun. They were such troopers!

The ceremony was beautiful, the party was a blast, the bride and groom are perfect and I will cherish the memories of that weekend and these images of our sweet babies forever.

Congratulations Kristin and Andrew! xx

{On the Girls: Posh Peanut crochet dresses; Mason and Harlow flower crowns; Zara shoes (on Isla); Freshly Picked gold moccasins (on Laila) | On the Guys: Zara Oxford shirts and navy chinos (baby shirt and baby pants for Theo); H&M suspenders (sold out, similar here); Etsy bow ties; Freshly Picked “Beehive State ” Moccasins (on Theo); similar sneakers here and here}

Wedding ring bearer and flower girlFlower girl and ring bearer black and whiteFlower girl in flower crownWedding kidsKid bridal partyKid bridal partyKids wedding photos on beachKid bridal partyKids wedding photos on beachKids wedding photos on beachKids wedding photos on beachKids wedding photos on beach Kids wedding photos on beach Kids wedding photos on beach



We spent Memorial Day Weekend down the shore (obviously) and it’s safe to say Theo is my son. That kid loved the sand so much he could hardly contain his excitement. He was cooing and yelling and giggling and couldn’t resist eating every bit of sand he could get his tiny hands on, just like his sister. The water was frigid and the wind was brutal and cold, but those two fishies were thrilled to be there. We ended the long holiday weekend with brunch (Theo’s first taste of pancakes!) and a BBQ with friends back in the city to kick off the unofficial start of summer. It was a good one. 



Isla BeeIsla has developed a love for anything and everything with wheels, wings or horns. She’s constantly on the hunt for airplanes, which she calls “eee-tee-doh” for some reason we can’t figure out, and loves that we can hear the trains from my aunt’s house at the beach. She yells “I see it!!” whenever she hears or sees either one and essentially looses all her marbles in the cutest way possible. Oh, and she calls Thomas the Train “Tommy!” Man, I love her. So Sunday morning we decided to take her to the local train station at the shore to watch the trains come in from New York. It’s been a year since she’s ridden on one and is only used to the subway so we knew it would make her day. And then we ran around the park and she danced and twirled to the music that apparently plays in her head. It was a beautiful morning and one of my favorites of summer. The best possible way to say goodbye to our beloved beach weekends. Now bring on the pumpkins!
Watching the trains come inspotting airplanesdancing in the gazeboSigns of fallIsla Bee Watching the trains come in from NYCTrain StationTwirlingWatching the trains come in from NYCTwirling
{ON ME: Madewell vest; Urban Outfitters shorts (on sale); Gap Maternity top; Zara shoes (similar) // ON ISLA: Zara romper; Saltwater sandals}

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BeachIt’s been a busy week around here! My little sister came to visit us, we went to the Adventure Aquarium, introduced Isla to soft serve ice cream, hung out onn our tiny patio in Isla’s way-too-tiny Yankee Stadium pool to beat the treacherous heat, spent a few days down the shore and visited Sister Cities Park with friends. Needless to say, we’re keeping busy and enjoying summer! We have another beach trip coming up (with a visit from my mom) and then we head to Michigan to finally meet my new baby niece! I can’t wait. So here are just a few snaps from life lately.

Sister Cities ParkIce CreamBoardwalkBeachBirra PizzaBeachBackyard PoolplayhouseBeachBeachBeachBeach Adventure Aquarium