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tomboy days + a blog update

feeling like a tomboy | reallyrisaWhen I was little, my older sister used to steal my G.I. Joes, take their heads off, put them in soda bottles and bounce them on our trampoline until I cried. Sisters, right? It was no secret that as a kid I had some tomboy in me. I enjoyed a good neon zebra print blouse as much as the next Madonna-obsessed girl, but most of the time I dressed like a boy, wanted to play with the boys and, more importantly, wanted to steal their toys. This all makes the fact that I’m now the girliest sister (out of four) pretty amusing. You see, I was grounded a lot. And by a lot I mean most of my childhood. I think I already told you about that time my mom grounded me to my room for several hours, leaving me alone with my Bedazzler. She came to relieve me from my punishment only to find I had transformed every piece of denim I owned into beautiful, jeweled works of art. When I got older, I retired the Bedazzler and spent my hours of punishment applying makeup and curling my hair (and obsessing over the hundreds of Leonardo DiCaprio pictures I had cut out of magazines and taped to my walls). And long gone were my tomboy days. So what I’m getting at here is, isn’t it funny how something as simple as getting dressed can bring back all these crazy childhood memories? This outfit from Sunday is my adult version of my tomboy days.

And now a blog update. See anything different? Take a peek at the image below and you’ll remember. I made some updates to the design of the blog to provide better functionality and, most importantly, make this place mobile friendly. So many of my favorite blogs don’t have mobile sites, which drives me crazy when I’m trying to read their posts on my phone, so it seemed like a good time to update my own. When my friend Susan, of Letter19Design, helped me design the new layout a few years ago I remember thinking that I’d get to the mobile piece later, not realizing the design we were laying out wasn’t going to transition that easily. So here we are. A slightly updated logo, a similar but cleaner layout, category listings at the top of each post and a top menu bar that also works on the mobile page so you can peruse by category, connect on social media and search the site easily. I hope you enjoy the new look. If you’re reading this on a desktop I hope you’ll also check things out on your mobile. I’d love to know what you think and if there’s anything you really like or that you think could be improved (the comment bubble can be found next to the social icons at the bottom of the post).

reallyrisa old blog layouttomboy days | reallyrisa
feeling like a tomboy | reallyrisafeeling like a tomboy | reallyrisafeeling like a tomboy | reallyrisa
tomboy days | reallyrisa{Madewell sweatshirt + jeans; ASOS coat; Acacia scarf; Gap hat (similar on sale); Sam Edelman booties (on sale); NARS “Never Say Never” velvet matte lip pencil}

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