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We Do!

We Do!


Our wedding photos have arrived! I know what you’re thinking right now. You’ve seen our wedding photos (here and here and here and here and here). Well, our photographers sent us our high res photos, which means I get to spend the weekend zooming in on all those beautiful moments that now seem so far away. Also, I plan to spend the next few days convincing my new husband that we need a life-size version of us on a canvas. I mean, it’s on a canvas so it’s art. Clearly. Confession: our high res photos arrived almost exactly one month ago in the most adorable little box with a cute little wooden USB with our names carved in it but I’m a ditz and didn’t even realize. Dope. Yay for Christmas all over again! Happy weekend! xoxo

We Do!

one last look

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share our wedding day with you throughout this past week. I’ve loved reliving all the special moments that made our day so wonderful. They say your wedding day flies by and it’s impossible to remember all the little details. It’s so true. But we found ourselves two amazing photographers who captured every cherished second. Thanks to our friends and family and to all of you for all the love this week. I hope you enjoy a few final favorites. Cheers!

a kiss for my Anya.

just look at those cheeks! her momma (Chris’ sister on the left) made that adorable headband.

they swear they’re 2.5 years apart, but i think my MIL needs to come clean … they must be twins!

the girls wore charcoal silk chiffon Amsale dresses. since they range in height from 4’9″ to 5’9″ and my two matrons of honor are pregnant, i let them choose their own styles and pale pink shoes. funny how they all chose similar dresses and hair. as a gift, i bought them Tejani bangles in various styles.

he’s so excited his feet aren’t even touching the ground! i didn’t get a chance to tell you how nervous i was right before the ceremony. we’re talking full-blown panic attack. sitting on the altar i could hear this cute little nephew of ours giggling and begging to “sit with Risa!” bless that little monster because he scared away my tears and those giggles soothed my nerves.

my little baby sister (who happens to be the tallest of us all) could not for the life of her get my shoes on. 

his sister has a baby girl, my sister has a little man (and baby boy on the way) … and we have the cutest niece and nephew on the planet.

the end … or perhaps it’s just the beginning.
thank you. xx

We Do!

and we danced …

DJ Mike Alba (and his mini protegé) threw the most amazing dance party I could have ever imagined. I remember waking up the next morning and asking my new husband, “Oh no, was I the dancing fool at my own wedding?!” Of course, his answer was yes, but I wasn’t alone! We wanted lots and lots of dancing, and that’s just what we got. Plus some singing, too …

“i get down on my kneees for youuuu!” the entire room bellowed at us. there was no cheesy glass clinking at our wedding. oh no, if you wanted the bride and groom to kiss, you had to sing to us! Alba told our guests we’d only smooch after they serenaded us (a capella and into the mic) with a love song. this group went with the entire Top Gun theme song. the ENTIRE song. and just like in the movie, the whole room joined in. it was a moment we’ll never forget.

the only song that can make the entire room belt in unison: Toto “Africa.”

even my Anya couldn’t stay off the dance floor.

my family made up their own song, which included a scene from my favorite movie — “my biological clock, is tickin’ like THIS, and the way this case is goin’, i ain’t neva gettin’ married!” i was practically rolling on the floor laughing. 

free lessons from the man behind the music.

those are my cousins and my little sister, and, yes, she is singing into a hair brush. you see there’s this video. starring me. it’s embarrassing. this would be their attempt at a recreation. and they’ll get what’s coming to them.

throughout the night, table after table stepped up for the love song challenge, and we just couldn’t stop laughing at them.

in college they called me “pogo.” apparently i got that bouncy rhythm from my aunt!

{dj: Mike Alba; photography: John and Sue Fan, of Blue Koi Studios; reception venue: Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank, N.J.}

Tomorrow will be my last in this series of wedding posts and I’ll be featuring a few final favorites. I hope you’ll tune in for one last look at our amazing day!

DIY, We Do!

personal touches

the girls’ bouquets: pink, peach and creamy white roses

We wanted to put as many personal touches into our wedding as possible as a way of letting our guests know that their presence meant so much to us. Once we got started, the ideas kept flowing. From d.i.y. hand-stamped muslin rescue bags at hotel check-in (here) and chalkboard table numbers, to delicious, homemade takeaway table assignments and a wine box card holder, we put a lot of time, love and thought into all the little details.

“grab a treat and ‘fig’-ure out your seat,”
read the message on an 8×10 d.i.y chalkboard frame on the reception welcome table. last summer, chris and i spent many sleepless nights turning our fig tree into nearly 150 cans of fig preserves to be used as our table assignments. then i bribed the girls with cocktails and snacks in exchange for help wrapping and tying every single jar.

i collected cake stands from everyone i know for our cupcake bar. i found mis-matched mercury glass votive holders for all the tables. and a d.i.y chalkboard frame told our guests the delicious cupcake flavors: red velvet + cream cheese, yellow + butter cream and chocolate + cream cheese (with light pink, peach and white icing).

i scoured every home goods store for mis-matched metal vintage frames for our table numbers, guest book sign and fig table sign, while Chris perfected the art of chalkboard spray painting. he even wrote all the pretty table numbers with a white paint pen. we sat at table number “Mr. and Mrs.,” with the best man, matrons of honor and their spouses.

the room at the Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank, N.J.

i don’t know much about flowers, so i really relied on our florist for help. Tina, owner of Sparrow’s Nest Flower Shop in Neptune City, N.J., opened about eight yeas ago, when she provided flowers for my aunt and uncle’s wedding. instantly, we loved her. i told her my dress was simple and romantic, and my colors were pink, peach and charcoal. from there, she made the magic.

two vases in two sizes on each table with pink roses, peach gerber daisies and white hydrangeas.

the guest book was made by our photographers, Blue Koi Sudios, and featured our beautiful engagement photos, taken last fall in NYC’s meatpacking district (blog post here). the chalkboard frame was made by my crafty husband and my girlfriend, Korin, put my handwriting to shame.

this was my husband’s pet project. thanks to our local liquor store for the old wine crate, chris made a box for cards from our guests. our brother-in-law, Andrey, used his super fancy manly tools to create the slot. the wooden letters were sprayed with the chalkboard paint and glued on.

this pretty tassel garland added a bit of sparkle to the cupcake table.

{flowers: Tina at Sparrow’s Nest Flower Shop, Neptune City, N.J. // cupcakes: Piece O’ Cake, Shrewsbury, N.J. // tassel garland: TheFlairExchange, Etsy // mercury glass votive holders: Pottery Barn // reception venue: Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank, N.J. // photography + guestbook: John and Sue Fan, of Blue Koi Studios}

Next up: Our incredible DJ, guest serenades and an all-night dance party!

Style, We Do!

my bridal style

There were three things I knew I wanted when I began dress shopping: a sweetheart neckline, a fit-and-flare silhouette and a soft, romantic fabric. But everyone said to me, “Try on everything, you won’t know what you like until you put it on.” I did as I was told and then I said, “I told you so.” {click each photo to enlarge}

this organza dress was so light and fluffy i felt like i was floating. if i could have spent the whole day twirling, i would have.

 it was a wedding “down the shore” after all, so i went with loose, beachy waves to match my free-flowing gown. my handmade headband from Etsy was my first accessory purchase, the veil was a last-minute addition and my stunning Swarovski crystal and pearl BHLDN clutch was the icing on my cupcakes.

i’m a bangles girl and i rarely wear earrings. i’m also not big into cleavage, so i didn’t want a necklace drawing attention to my bustline. i went with less is more and found pretty pieces that complimented the simplicity and romantic feel of my dress.

crystals and pearls + pink, peep-toe, sky-high Vera Wangs. need i say more?

i teased you with my lipstick options many months ago (here). well, i fell in love with Chanel Paradis and wore it with a matching lip pencil for all day stay.

my bouquet was filled with creamy calla lilies, gerber daisies, roses and a bit of rustic charm (more on this tomorrow).

{dress: Mikaella Bridal (1612), The Bridal Garden // shoes: Vera Wang Lavender // veil + earrings: The Bridal Garden // clutch: BHLDN // bangles: Nadri // headband: Bella & Beya, Etsy // lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour in Paradis + matching lipliner // flowers: The Sparrow’s Nest Flower Shop // hair: Amy Longyard and Kelly Hunt (best friends of my sister-in-law) // makeup: Caitlin, Jonathan Salon Red Bank // photography: John and Sue Fan (website), of Blue Koi Studios (blog) // reception venue: The Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank, N.J.}

Next up: frames, fig jars, tassels and treats … tune in for all the little details.