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Rose's Fine Food, DetroitYou know how I love brunch. On the last morning of our visit to Michigan to see my sister and her family we decided to take a quick drive into Detroit for breakfast while my mom watched the kids. A friend of mine from high school (Lucy) opened up a restaurant called Rose’s Fine Food in the city about a year ago. Though I haven’t actually seen Lucy in 15 years, I’ve been drooling over her food pictures on social media and watching as this quaint, local joint gets recognized nationally for its incredible, local, freshly made food. So here we are. Don’t mind the less than stellar quality photos; I hadn’t planned on taking photos or blogging about it, but the food was so amazing I couldn’t help myself. My brother-in-law, who is currently in med school, was so enamored (like the rest of us), he declared Rose’s his new after work (read: early morning) breakfast stop. As I mentioned, the food is either made from scratch (i.e. all the breads and other baked goods) or purchased from various local farmers who are currently cultivating the land in Detroit. And we could tell. Everything was unbelievably delicious. I’m still dreaming about that homemade “Crybaby” peach doughnut we devoured. Lucy and Molly (her cousin and co-owner) offer their entire staff a living wage and she was telling us all about how opening a restaurant has been a long-time dream of theirs. If you’re ever in Detroit, I highly recommend a stop at Rose’s!

Rose's Fine Food, DetroitRose's Fine Food, DetroitRose's Fine Food, Detroit Rose's Fine Food, Detroit