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Resist Hate Love is Love T-Shirt to benefit ACLUI want our kids to grow up in a world where everyone gets affordable healthcare and a quality education. Where their friends with two moms are considered a typical family. Where no one thinks twice about the girl in a hijab sitting next to them in class. Where hearing someone speak another language makes them want to learn that language, not shun that person as an outsider. Where climate change isn’t a polarizing partisan issue but a recognized side effect of human existence that can be collectively reversed. Where every person has the opportunity to earn a livable wage, not just to put food on the table or make the rent from month-to-month but to enjoy life and make it better.

I want my daughter to know her brain is more important than her waist size and her hard work and opinion is as valuable as her brother’s. I want my kids to know that no human being is “illegal.” That no skin color is better than another. That their kindness is worth more than their belongings. That their lives are no more important than anyone else’s.

I want our children to be guided by a shared sense of humanity.

We do not currently live in this world I want for my children. But I believe it’s possible. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

Despite the chaos, confusion and fear, I’m heartened to see friends who previously loathed discussing politics now getting actively involved. People are calling their members of Congress, joining grassroots groups, donating to worthy causes and staying informed. I believe less in what I’m going to call the “Facebook approach” to the shit show unfolding in Washington and more in the idea that every single action, big or small, counts.

I have three of Sen. Pat Toomey’s office numbers on speed dial (and here’s the White House comment line: 202-456-1111). Chris and I regularly donate to causes we care about. We read enough news from a variety of sources to stay informed on what’s happening beyond the 140 characters dominating entire news cycles. We vote in every election (we’re coming for you 2018, however unlikely the odds). And we’re trying to get involved locally in ways we hope will have a big impact in the long run.

Avoiding politics so 2016.

It’s this notion that every little action matters that leads me to my t-shirt and the point of this post.

My friend Ben Pinder is an artist who’s using his talents to respond directly to this new administration’s policies. Ben created an online shop called Resist Hate to sell clothing emblazoned with original designs featuring messages of both solidarity and resistance, and is donating 100 percent of the profits to the ACLU. I asked Ben what motivated him to create and sell his designs for the ACLU and what kind of impact he hopes they will have on those who wear and see them.

Here is what he said:

“I started Resist Hate for two reasons. First, I wanted to fund the ACLU because they seem best at fighting for people and groups threatened by Trump (which includes many, many different types of people). Every penny I make I donate to the ACLU. Second, I wanted to visually amplify resistance to the Trump administration by putting protest slogans on clothes people could wear every day. It can feel risky to wear a shirt supporting, say, Muslim Americans or LGBTQ rights if you’re in a red state or county. But it’s important for people to realize they are not alone in this. We are the majority! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that, so visual reminders are important. I try to keep things positive and not dwell on snarky messaging. A collaboration with my friend Jenny, of  Your Soul Style, helped keep the focus on love and rising above.”

I picked the “Love is Love” design (from Ben’s collab with Jenny) specifically because I thought Isla would love the rainbow and ask me about it. I was right. This simple t-shirt sparked an adorable and important conversation with my three-year-old about love and acceptance. I’d say that potty talk (we have our most in-depth conversations while potty training), was worth every penny.

Ben is both a working artist and a stay-at-home parent, which makes his decision to donate all profits to the ACLU pretty incredible — if you ask me. Thank you, Ben, for using your talents and precious time to raise money and awareness for a worthy cause.

(Note: This t-shirt was NOT a gift and this is  NOT a sponsored post in any sense of the word. That would be ridiculous. I purchased my shirt to benefit the ACLU and I’m featuring Ben on this blog because I hope to see his designs walking around Philadelphia and beyond.)

{Resist Hate shirt; Old Navy shirt; Gap jeans; Sam Edelman boots (on sale); Made by Mary necklaces (Lana bar + charm); Ray-Ban sunglasses}

Resist Hate Love is Love T-Shirt to benefit ACLUResist Hate Love is Love T-Shirt to benefit ACLUResist Hate Love is Love T-Shirt to benefit ACLUResist Hate Love is Love T-Shirt to benefit ACLU



Rabbit Rabbit Top by Letter19Design EtsyWake up, wake up, wake up, it’s the first of the month …

According to some really old British superstition, the first thing you’re supposed do on the first day of every month is say the words “rabbit rabbit.” I once owned one of those rabbit feet on a key chain things, like everyone else in the 90s, but I had never heard of this until about a year ago. I’m not really superstitious, but it can’t hurt, right? That being said, I’m going to assume starting out the month by wearing one of these shirts designed by my friend Susan is the equivalent of drinking a whole bottle of Felix Felicis (also known as “liquid luck” for those of you who live in a hole and have never read Harry Potter). Bonus luck if you actually wear it to bed and wake up in it on the first.

If you like supporting small shops and wonderful people, please consider checking out Susan’s new shop on Etsy called ShopRabbitRabbit. She’s selling apparel and other goods featuring designs of her own creation (including the one I’m wearing), which will absolutely maybe bring you good luck!

{Susan is an incredibly talented designer responsible for the look of this blog, her own line of wedding invitations, Isla’s first birthday invitations and other cool stuff under the name Letter19Design. She gave me this shirt as a gift for helping with her Etsy shop and I offered to tell you guys all about it on this here blog because it’s a cute idea and I like supporting my friends. I will not receive any compensation, commission or otherwise from the sale of her products.}

{On Me: Dallin Chase jacket (similar); old chambray shirt (similar); ShopRabbitRabbit shirt; ASOS hat; Zara jeans; Made by Mary necklaces (Lana bar+charm); Sam Edelman boots // On Isla: Old Navy top + hat; Zara trousers + sweater; Gap boots (similar)}

Rabbit Rabbit Top by Letter19Design Etsy Rabbit Rabbit Top by Letter19Design EtsyRabbit Rabbit Top by Letter19Design EtsyRabbit Rabbit Top by Letter19Design EtsyRabbit Rabbit Top by Letter19Design Etsy Rabbit Rabbit Top by Letter19Design EtsyRabbit Rabbit Top by Letter19Design Etsy



Mother Daughter Tulle SkirtsAs soon as I put on this skirt Isla got really excited and begged for her tutu. And then she put it on over her jeans and said, “Dance with me mommy!” So I turned on Ellie and we danced around the room with Theo. It was just the cutest thing. I love those two so much. I bought this skirt on a whim a few months back. It’s the first piece of tulle I’ve ever owned and it’s a little out of my comfort zone, which is why I was so surprised by how comfortable I felt wearing it to my cousin’s wedding rehearsal. It’s beautiful and light, and I felt a little bit special wearing it. I don’t have many excuses to dress up these days and my style has never been very girlie so it was a nice treat. The fact that it inspired my daughter to have a dance party with me makes me want to wear it every single day.

{on me: Zara skirt; J.Crew Sweater (old, similar); Vera Wang shoes (from my wedding); Made by Mary necklaces (Lana bar +charm) // on isla: Zara sweater (old) + shoes; gifted tutu; Old Navy jeans}Hers and Mine Tulle SkirtsHers and Mine Tulle SkirtsHers and Mine Tulle SkirtsHers and Mine Tulle SkirtsMother Daughter Tulle SkirtsHers and Mine Tulle Skirts Mother Daughter Tulle Skirts



Madewell Silk Cutout JumpsuitJumpsuits are hard. Hard for anyone but especially for us short people. I shopped around all summer and couldn’t find one that was quite right. Then I saw this beauty at Madewell. I had to have the legs hemmed, which isn’t something I have the budget or patience for typically, but I loved it so much I figured it was worth it. No regrets. It’s silk, which is scary even without two crazy children, so I’ll be wearing it sparingly, dressing it up and down for various occasions. In fact, I bought it for an NYC bachelorette party that ended up getting canceled so I might wear it to the rehearsal dinner instead. It’s breezy and comfortable (the two words I apparently always use to describe my favorite pieces) and versatile enough for most occasions and seasons. Finally, short girl jumpsuit success.

{Madewell jumpsuit + shoes (old); J.Crew sweater (similar for 25% off); Ray-ban sunglasses; Made by Mary necklaces (Lana bar + charm)}

madewell_silk_cut-out_jumpsuitMadewell Silk Cutout JumpsuitMadewell Silk Cutout Jumpsuitmade_by_mary_gold_initial_necklacesMadewell Silk Cutout Jumpsuitmadewell_silk_cut-out_jumpsuit_2



OutfitTurns out this romper is shown on Anthropologie’s website under “intimates and sleepwear.” Coulda fooled me. I do not get this dressed up to go to sleep. By the end of the day I’m lucky if I can get my contacts out and face washed. Okay no, I always wash my face and take my contacts out, but you get what I’m saying. I will say though that this thing is comfortable enough to sleep in so I suppose it makes sense.

{ON ME: Anthropologie romper; old vest; Naot sandals via Carella’s Art & Sole; Made by Mary necklaces
// ON ISLA: Old Navy shorts; Gap top (on sale); Target sandals}


Anthropologie denim romper; linen vest; Naot Santa Barbara sandals with red solesOutfitOutfit