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DIY Halloween Costume: Peppa Pig and George Pig / Dinosaur

When I began creating the kids’ Halloween costumes this year, I had no intention of sharing the DIY on the blog (hence the lack of in-progress images). But they turned out better than I imagined so I thought I’d share.

Let me preface this by saying I do not sew. A button or two, sure. But a dinosaur costume? Yea, right. When I did Isla’s sushi costume a couple of years ago I was too nervous to even sew a pillow, so I used stitch witchery to make a no-sew piece of salmon. If you can’t sew either, welcome. If you can, you probably don’t need to read this DIY.

The Peppa and George costume was inspired by Theo, who adores the show. He also regularly chases us around while shouting, “Dinosaur, RAWR!” If you’ve seen the show, you get the connection. But I didn’t want to just throw on a blue onesie with pink arms and legs and call it a day. So Theo is George from the episode where he dresses as a dinosaur for Halloween. If only I can get Theo to wear the George mask. Complicated, I know, but Theo is in love with his new dino suit so mom for the win.

George Pig / Dinosaur

What You’ll Need:

George Pig mask
green hoodie + 2 pairs matching pants
green felt (approx. 6 sheets) for spikes
thread to match the hoodie/pants
thread to match the felt
polyfill stuffing


Dino Hoodie:

  • To make the felt spikes, cut out a bunch of diamonds in two or three sizes. Mine measured 5″, 6″ and 8″ (tip-to-tip). Lay your hoodie flat, find the center and draw a line or “spine” with chalk as a guide. Then pin your diamonds sideways to the spine. (refer to pictures below).
  • Sew the center of the diamond to the hoodie, which will give you two triangles on either side of the stitch. Fold the triangles together, insert a little polyfill, pin the edges together to hold it in place and sew along the edges to close the spike. (If you can’t sew, like me, it’s okay because no one will see your messy stitches, especially if your thread matches the felt perfectly. Also, tiny stitches help conceal the sloppiness.)
  • Repeat this step for all of the triangles, using the smaller triangles as you travel up the hood. (I first used 4″ spikes everywhere but it looked more like a mohawk than a dino so I swapped the hood spikes for smaller ones.)

Dino Tail:

  • Cut one of the pant legs off your extra pair of pants. (I know this is painful, but just do it). Cut the foot opening on an angle so it’s a bit more narrow/pointed. I used chalk to draw a line as a guide.
  • Turn your leg inside out and sew the foot opening and the open side (where the crotch was) closed. Leave the other end (what was the waist) open.
  • Turn your leg right-side out and stuff it with polyfill.
  • Repeat the steps from the spike instructions above to complete your spikes. I sewed mine right along the seam of the pants to keep them straight. If you don’t have a seem, find the center and draw a line with chalk, then pin your diamonds to the chalk line.
  • Again, make the spikes smaller toward the tip of the tail.
  • You can either pin your tail to the hoodie or add an elastic waistband, which is what I did. First, cut your elastic to the appropriate length to snuggly fit your little one’s waist, then sew the two ends to the inside of your hole/opening. You’ll have to play around a bit with this to make it lay on the waist and not twist around as your child moves. I sewed both ends right next to each other at the top. Then sew your opening shut. Mine is not very pretty looking, but it gets the job done and you can’t see it under the hoodie anyway. If you want a more professional-looking tutorial, try this one.

Dinosaur Costume DIYDinosaur Costume DIYPeppa Pig Costume

Peppa Pig

There are obviously no instructions for this one, but here’s what I bought for the outfit:

Peppa Pig mask
pink pants and shirt
red dress
“golden” rain boots
DIY pig tail (I used this tutorial)
Peppa’s teddy (it came with this tea set we have)