2016 Holiday Gift Guide for HerA few of my favorite things …

1. Gigi Pip Hat. As far as I’m concerned, a person can never have too many hats. I’ve seen a lot of women wearing hats by Gigi Pip on Instagram (my favorite place to discover brands) and I sinfully covet every single one. This grey one is a beauty but there isn’t a hat on that whole site I wouldn’t be thrilled to find under our tree.

2. Habitation Cuzco Embroidered Camera Strap. I saw a woman carrying her camera on a beautiful embroidered strap a couple of years ago and I’ve loved them ever since. What a beautiful upgrade to one of my most treasured belongings. Nena & Co has gorgeous camera straps, too.

3. Harry’s Shave Set. I mentioned this in my gift guide for guys because Harry’s technically makes men’s razors but I commandeered my husband’s for myself. I’ve been using men’s razor’s since I was in high school because I’ve always found them to be more gentle on my angry skin. Razor burn is my middle name. Or at least it was. Harry’s sent me this set to try out and the difference has been remarkable. After a couple of weeks, my underarms and legs are bump free and I’m ready for summer! Or maybe a tropical vacation to escape this polar vortex!

4. Coffee Beans. There’s no better time to brew up a pot of fancy, expensive coffee than Christmas morning. Go to her favorite coffee shop and ask for the fanciest bag of beans they have and then make sure you promptly brew her a pot while opening gifts under the tree. Extra points if you can make it snow and give her a white Christmas. (Our favorite coffee shop here in South Philly is Chhaya. We buy their espresso beans. Mmm.)

5. A Special Print or Photograph Framed by Framebridge. Quick! You might still have time to order! Pick a beautiful digital photograph, upload it, pick a frame, place your order and wait for the excitement on Christmas morning. Framebridge is pretty great. You mail them a print or piece of art (for free) or upload a digital photograph and they’ll do all the work and send it back to you beautifully custom framed. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

6. Nena & Co. Tote Bag. I cherish my Nena & Co. carryall. It’s absolutely stunning and literally one-of-a-kind. It’s one of my most favorite things. Plus, I love the story behind this gorgeous handmade collection. From the Nena site: “Our Artisan Collection consists of products constructed using newly loomed fabrics, custom created on a small-batch scale, ensuring attention to detail and quality of the highest standard. Commissioning the weaving and looming of these new fabrics is vital to the Guatemalan people, as it creates a sustainable form of income for our artisans. Thank you for helping us keep this beautiful art form alive, and supporting the wellbeing of our beloved Guatemalan artisans!” Love love love this.

7. A Great Big Checked Scarf. My husband bought me a beautiful checked blanket scarf from Acacia Scarves for Christmas two years ago and it remains the only scarf I need. I wear it every day and if we’re out and about and the kids get cold in the stroller I cover them with it, too. My blogger friend Jaclyn no longer makes my favorite scarf, but you can find them if you scour the internet (especially Etsy).

8. Half-Knit Leather Gloves. The Club Monaco website claims these gloves are for men but I’m calling BS. I guess that means they could be made for man hands, but the gloves themselves are beautiful. Last year my husband bought me a pair of CM leather gloves and they’re great. They fit like a … glove (ugh, sorry) and the leather is seemingly high quality. Isla has started stealing them because she loves how soft they are.

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