Seven-Month Baby PhotosI thought time flew by with Isla but that was nothing compared to Theo’s first year. How did we get to seven months already? I mean seriously. This is not funny. I must be missing something!

Theo managed to get his very own solo photo shoot this month because his big sis was at school! Can I tell you how much easier it was? Except now he’s aware of that light box and just wanted to eat the letters (kind of like his sister!).

We had a big month. We started baby-led weaning and while he’s not super thrilled about everything we give him, he’s already eating two meals a day and will try anything once. He loves strawberries, watermelon, peaches, peanut butter and hummus on carrots, throws shade at bananas, loathes broccoli, is indifferent about sweet potato, is on the fence about pasta with basil avocado sauce and officially joined the family by enjoying his first pancake at brunch. Oh right, and egg! No egg allergy! He prefers them hardboiled, not scrambled.

Theo pretty much just smiles all day long, as you can see from these photos. He’s eternally happy and content and loves spending time with his sister. He can sit up on his own, scoots all around the house and is close to crawling, which is something I am not at all prepared for. He says “dada,” “blah blah” and lots of jibberish, is ridiculously ticklish and loves to belly laugh. He is incredibly affectionate and generous with his hugs and slobbery kisses, just started experiencing stranger danger and is way clingier to his mama than Isla was (I don’t mind!). He has graduated to the big bathtub and cannot control his excitement as he splashes his sister and steals all her bath toys. He attended his first baseball game and spent his first official weekend on the beach. He’s a big fan of eating as much sand as he possibly can and sometimes even face-plants himself into it just to get a mouthful.

And now, for some big news. Drumroll please. Theo is sleeping through the night! Every night! WOO HOO! This is huge. We were turning into zombies around here. Thanks to a little sleep training, some reflux meds and a baby who decided it was time, Theo goes to bed at the same time as his sister and sleeps straight through ’til morning, at which point whoever wakes up first makes as much noise as possible to wake up the other.

This guy makes motherhood feel easy and I hope his happiness defines him for eternity. Happy seven months little duck. We love you more than seagulls love tourists.

(Theo at six monthsfive monthsfour monthsthree monthstwo monthsone month and his birth story)Seven-Month Baby Photos Seven-Month Baby Photos Seven-Month Baby Photos Seven-Month Baby PhotosSeven-Month Baby PhotosSeven-Month Baby PhotosSeven-Month Baby Photos

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