Britax B-Ready Double Stroller reviewRemember that time I was trying to decide between three double strollers I thought would work best for our life in the city? Well we picked one and after six months of using it I figured it’s a good time to let you know what we think. {Please note: We bought this stroller. Britax was not involved in this blog post or our purchase.} 

If you recall, the top three double strollers on my list were the Britax B-Ready, the Phil & Ted’s Navigator and the Baby Jogger City Select.

We ended up going with the Britax B-Ready with the second seat and we absolutely love it (as much as you can love a double stroller). Here are some random thoughts in no particular order …

1. Easy to Maneuver. It’s not exactly light, especially compared to our single stroller (the Britax B-Agile), but it’s on the lighter side compared to other doubles. That being said, it’s incredibly easy to maneuver. The weight doesn’t seem to affect my ability to push this puppy all over the city. And if I take Isla out of the bottom seat, I can easily lift it up the steps into our house and into all the local shops in our neighborhood with stoops/steps. Getting it into the trunk of the car is not fun though. It’s no impossible, but not fun. Luckily we rarely drive anywhere.

2. Compact. I wasn’t sure how Isla would feel about sitting below Theo, but the side-by-side stroller was not an option for us. For starters, I can’t imagine maneuvering a side-by-side through the city and in and out of doorways, but we also don’t have space for it in our narrow townhouse. I imagine the kids will eventually trade-off between the upper and lower seats, but for now both seem perfectly happy. Isla can climb in and out on her own and likes to reach up to tickle Theo’s feet, even though she can’t really reach. It is also longer than a single stroller but it still feels compact.

3. Lots of Configurations. There are a bunch of different positions for the seats. For the first four months we had Theo in the car seat in the top position. Easy peasy. Now he’s in the regular seat and we switch him around so sometimes he’s facing us and other times he’s facing out, depending on where we are.

4. Great Canopies. Lots of sun coverage.

5. Easily collapsible. It collapses easily with the second seat attached. This was key. The last thing we wanted was for a second seat to take up extra room in the car and in the house when collapsed.

6. Compatible with our Car Seat. We already have a Britax infant car seat (here’s the newer model of the one we have) so we didn’t need an adapter to attach it. Those things can get expensive so this was a selling point for us. It just snaps right in and pops back out.

7. Both Seats Recline. Isla doesn’t recline much, but it’s nice to have the option. Theo, on the other hand, can sit straight up when he wants to see the animals at the zoo, or lie back for a nap. And there are a few reclining positions to choose from.

8. The price is right. Double strollers can be incredibly expensive. Oh, who am I kidding? If you want to spend a million dollars on a stroller you could find a way. The B-Ready is affordable and worth every penny.

9. Limited Storage. The only place to store things is in the bin at Isla’s feet and she is having none of that. I tried to put a gallon of milk down there once on our way back from the grocery store and she kicked it so hard in anger I thought it was going to bust open. We use a carabiner to hang lighter things on the hand rail but for the most part I just carry a backpack.

10. Cup Holder is Lacking. We don’t use the cup holder that came with it. It doesn’t stay in place, is in the way and isn’t super functional. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s in Isla’s toy box somewhere. We use the Britax stroller organizer, which we’ve had since Isla was born. Love that thing. I mean really, really love it. Panic when I don’t have it attached.

Overall, the Britax B-Ready is a great double stroller. The upper/lower seat configuration is exactly what we needed for the city and though it’s a little heavy to lift, it’s incredibly easy to maneuver. We don’t really use it as a single stroller unless I’m taking Theo to the grocery store and storing the bags of groceries in Isla’s lower seat (that’s a bonus actually). We still have our Britax B-Agile for when one of us is going out with just one kid. While I don’t love having two strollers in the house, we aren’t quite ready to give up the single.

In the end, we’d highly recommend this stroller!

And now, who has a stroller board? I’m thinking about getting one for when Isla doesn’t want to sit or walk (or when her seat is filled with groceries) but I’d love your thoughts first.

Please also share your favorite strollers in the comments!

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  • Reply Kassi Chapman May 24, 2016 at 11:42 pm

    Thanks so much for the review! We will probably look for a double stroller whenever we have a second kiddo and I’m always on the lookout for reviews from other moms. :)

    • Reply Risa Page May 25, 2016 at 10:54 am

      Glad it was helpful, Kassi!

  • Reply Evan Novell July 2, 2016 at 1:30 am

    Glad you’re enjoying the double from Britax:) I love the B-Agile single stroller for it’s weight and the folding feature!

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