Hooray MailThe other day a small red envelope arrived in the mail for Isla. It was from a cute, little service called Hooray Mail and it was addressed from “Mom and Dad,” even though we had nothing to do with its contents. Inside we found a card that read “Yummy Yummy In My Tummy” with a picture of a pizza, which just happens to be Isla’s favorite food. On the inside, the card featured a fun, simple activity for her. Here’s what it said:

“Hi Isla Bee,

Hope you had an awesome day! What is your favorite food in the whole wide word? What is your favorite healthy food? What is your favorite special treat?

Love you lots, Mom and Dad
P.S. Don’t forget to eat your veggies!”

The instructions for parents told us to talk with Isla about table manners and table settings, and to practice with real plates and utensils. Then it asks us to help her color her favorite meal on the drawing of a place setting. So we did!

First and foremost I had to wrangle Isla to let me read the card since she doesn’t let anyone read things except for her (and by reading I mean she sings her ABCs to determine the letters). Then I got some crayons and we drew bananas, strawberries, blueberries and peas (she’s a fruit girl mostly). Then I asked her about broccoli. Never have I ever seen Isla get so excited about broccoli. “Yea, broccoli!” she exclaimed, when I asked her if it was one of her favorite foods. In real life, she shakes as much grated cheese on her broccoli as she can and then pushes her plate onto the floor. But at least it’s fun to draw! Hooray!

Hooray Mail is a service that sends kids an activity in the, you guessed it, mail, twice a month. Isla loves getting things from the mailman so this was a nice treat for her and would be a fun, thoughtful gift for young kids. We had a lot of fun completing the exercise and I’m going to hang her colored fruit and veggie plate on the fridge to remind Isla of all her favorite foods. Maybe she’ll even give broccoli a try since at one point in her life it was her absolute favorite!

Thank you Hooray Mail for sending us this yummy activity to try!Hooray MailHooray MailHooray MailHooray MailHooray MailHooray MailHooray MailHooray Mail

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