Theo four monthsMy baby boy is four months old today! Four amazing months. We are in that incredible social stage where Theo loves chatting and cooing and being tickled and kissed. The excitement on his face when he first sees us in the morning or after a nap is enough to make me lose my marbles all over the floor. Instead I just slobber all over him. He’s a smiler, giggler and talker. He is obsessed with his big sister and gets excited every time he hears her coming (bulldozing) into the room. He doesn’t even mind that she takes his tootsie (pacifier) and all his toys (while yelling, “MINE!”), or that she sometimes rolls over him and tries to unsuccessfully pick him up. He just laughs and purrs and smiles up at her. He smiles at everything and everyone actually. You know the smiles I mean.  The ones that start with his eyes and then those tiny, sweet lips part until all you can see are big, toothless, red gums and dimples. AH! I love this age.

Last month Theo decided lying down is for babies and is desperately trying to sit up, fell in love with putting everything in his mouth, decided he’s a tootsie lover, not a thumb guy, and is the calmest, happiest baby who ever lived. He consistently sleeps eight hours each night, though he goes to bed far too early and still wakes me up to nurse before dawn, and takes nice, long naps at the same time as his sister every day, which makes his mama eternally grateful. Theo loves watching Bubble Guppies in mom and dad’s room before bedtime with his big sister and officially became her roommate a few days ago (for most of the night, at least). He enjoys playing super hero dragon dress-up, visited the zoo and aquarium for the first time, loves music class, even though he mostly just watches the big kids, and is soaking up his one-on-one time with mom while Isla is at preschool. He learned to put his tootsie in his mouth on his own (or he gets accidentally lucky sometimes), cries pretty much never and is the tiniest love of my life.

This month (TOMORROW!) Theo gets to meet his aunt Chaya and sweet cousin Laila and we’re looking forward to some warm spring weather so we can head to the park. We might even give the public library a try. We’re going to work on sitting up, see if we can sleep a little longer at night, try to get rid of that cradle cap and mom’s going to try to pump a little more milk so my freezer supply doesn’t run out like it did with Isla.

Happy four months my darling guy. Your infectious smiles keep me sane on those days when raising two babies threatens to get the best of me. We love you more than leprechauns love rainbows!

(Theo at three monthstwo monthsone month and his birth story)Theo four monthsTheo four monthsTheo four monthsTheo four monthsTheo four monthsTheo four monthsTheo four monthsTheo four monthsTheo four monthsTheo four monthsTheo four monthsTheo four months

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