Isla sining Adele in nurseryEvery morning the first thing Isla says to me is, “Mommy, Del?! See Del? Peeeaasseee?!” She’s asking for Adele. And “Ellie” (Goulding) and “Elsa,” too. She is obsessed with watching her favorite music videos on my phone while belting out every word at the top of her lungs. She sings along while in the bathtub, getting her diaper changed, eating breakfast, on the way to school, even while playing in the crib with her brother on Valentine’s Day. She’s sick again so we had to cancel her daddy-daughter V-Day date and instead we spent the day singing our hearts out and smothering her brother in kisses. At one point she was using the chopsticks from her sushi set as a microphone.

I love this age so much. She’s a real little person who is developing real likes and dislikes and hobbies and habits. She knows what makes her happy and watching her sing along to songs that I love, too, is seriously adorable. I just love her. And that little guy she’s slobbering on is just along for the ride at the moment. He belly laughs and smiles at her all day long. It’s the most amazing thing to watch these two become best friends.

And now for a few snaps of this girl belting out Adele’s “Hello” on Valentine’s Day. Sing it, girl.

{UPDATE: I’ve received a lot of questions about these crib sheets … they are flannel sheets from Land of Nod. They’re sold out but we have a few sets of their sheets and love them. The crib sheets and toddler sheets both fit Theo’s crib mattress and Isla’s toddler bed mattress.)Isla sining Adele in nurseryIsla sining Adele in nurseryIsla sining Adele in nurseryIsla sining Adele in nurseryIsla sining Adele in nursery

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