Theo Three MonthsYes, I am aware that “months” is spelled wrong in some of these photos. No, I was not aware until I looked at them later. And yes, I totally blame my toddler because she would. not. stop. touching. it! Sorry, Theo, but this is probably par for your childhood. Better get used to it now.

Last month, Theo survived his first cold (and broke our hearts in the process), belly laughs every time we tickle his little man boobies, smiles 90 percent of the time, is in love with bath time (and is outgrowing his infant tub) and experienced his first blizzard. He is the happiest, chillest kid on Earth (for example: see that photo below where Isla is clotheslining him because he fell on her? Little trooper cracked up afterward. Poor second baby). The way he lights up when he sees his sister makes me lose my marbles a little bit and I predict he’ll grow to be sweet, caring and funny. He cries only when he’s so hungry he can barely take one more second of life without milk or is over tired. I can tell by the smirks he gives his sister he either knows she’s a piece of work or is plotting some bad behavior of his own. Our chubby boy is already wearing size six month clothes, fits into pants Isla wore when she was 11 months old and weighs more than half of her current weight. He takes long naps while swaddled in the mamaRoo with the ocean sounds humming, sometimes sleeps in seven-hour stretches (followed by lots of early morning cluster feeding) and his favorite time of day is Isla’s bedtime, when he lies on a blanket on the floor of the nursery chatting away while we wrangle her into her PJs. He coos and laughs when we read to him, is rolling every which way, finally found his thumb but can’t quite decide what to do with it, is horribly ticklish (especially his neck if you can find it under all those rolls and slobber it with kisses), purrs and sings when we play music (he even loves my atrocious singing!), is super chatty and social and loves cuddling on his mama, though sometimes only daddy has the magic touch.

This month we’re going to enjoy a few hours of quality alone time while Isla is at preschool, hope for more snow so we can play in it instead of shelter in place thanks to a house full of viruses and work on that whole sleeping through the night thing.

Life with two can be overwhelming, of course, but it’s also pretty incredible. Whenever Theo cries Isla yells “It’s okay, She-oh, I’M COMING!” or “She-oh, you okay?!” as she runs to him, holds her arms out and says, “Come ‘ere!” I about die every time. I wonder, will she always take care of him the way she does now or will he take over as the big, overprotective brother? I can’t wait to find out.

Happy three months, chubs! Your endless patience is a mother’s dream and I love you more than kids love snow days.

(Theo at two monthsone month and his birth story)Theo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three Months Theo Three Months

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