Snow Storm Jonas | PhiladelphiaOh winter, there you are. Rather than enjoy the blizzard outside with the kids like we wanted, the four of us spent most of the weekend cooped up inside battling three raging colds (Chris included). I did manage to get Isla out there to play a bit on Sunday but after about 15 minutes she was coughing up a storm and just wanted to go to bed. Poor munchkin. Somehow I’ve managed to stay relatively healthy through it all — while being sneezed, coughed and spit up on for a week (knock on wood). Here’s hoping I don’t wake up feeling miserable this week.

Anyway. I guess that’s all I really have to report. I just figured I say hi since I’ve been MIA for a while. And here are a few tidbits from lately:

Isla started swimming lessons and LOVES every minute in the pool with her dad.

Chris bought me this bag for Christmas (which just arrived) and it’s a great basic. I see myself using it for years to come.

Theo almost slept through the night over the weekend but that damn cold woke up him up because he couldn’t breathe. Fingers crossed!

This video of Adele and James Cordon carpooling pretty much made me want to go back to work.  But only if I can carpool with these two every day. If not then forget it.

My obsession with boy clothes is out of control. I thought Isla was fun to dress but little boy stuff is so stinking cute. I’m currently obsessed with H&M and Zara kids’ sections. If only he’d stop growing out of everything so quickly!

I’m officially back in all of my regular jeans (YAY! + Confession: Even though I don’t have to, I still wear these maternity jeans all the time because I love them) but I’m in the market for a few new one-piece bathing suits for summer. No bikinis for this mama (though I do love these high-waisted bottoms). This one is on my radar.

We need a family vacation. Something for summer. Somewhere in the U.S. preferably or cheap abroad and feasible with two kids. Suggestions welcome! (I know I always say this and then we never go anywhere, but I mean it this time!!)

Happy Monday! I hope you have another snow day like we do here in Philly!

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  • Reply Melissa January 25, 2016 at 11:05 am

    Come to Rhode Island this summer!

  • Reply Missy January 29, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    I bought the seafolly boyleg malliot from anthropologie last year. Awesome shape and the ruching is great on post baby tummies.

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