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Ice skating at Delaware River Waterfront RiverrinkIn lieu of a party for Isla’s second birthday we decided to plan a fun day out in the city together. Chris had to work on his own birthday (and we have a newborn at home who can’t be left with a sitter because he eats every five minutes) so we didn’t really get a chance to celebrate his birthday in December. Since he loves ice skating and Isla loves to be outside, I suggested we check out the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest on the Delaware River Waterfront. Isla absolutely loved it, and Chris was that guy skating around backwards with his hands in his pockets because he used to play hockey and is so cool, you guys. They only made it around together once, but the rink is really big so it was just enough for her. The place itself was awesome. The rink overlooks the Ben Franklin Bridge and the Delaware River and features a pop-up lodge, games, food, fire pits and music (Adele’s “Hello” was playing when we got there and Isla was dancing, singing and calling her Elsa). It was such a fun place.

After they were both done on the ice we took Isla over to check out the lodge and play cornhole before treating her to her very first Franklin Fountain hot chocolate, complete with three big, gooey marshmallows. Let me tell you, this kid was in heaven. It was the perfect afternoon. Theo slept the whole time in the stroller because that’s what Theo does best (besides eat) and I think Isla really felt like this day was all about her. She had our undivided attention and was loving every minute of it. She ran around singing, “I TWO, I TWO, I TWO” and “Happy To You!” while giggling and getting as dirty as she possibly could. That’s my kind of birthday.

To top it all off we surprised her with a cupcake and two little candles at home. Sugar overload, followed by a long, wonderful nap. Everybody wins!

I hope you had the best birthday ever, Isla Bee! We love you so much!
Isla's birthday cupcakeDelaware River Waterfront WinterfestDelaware River Waterfront WinterfestDelaware River Waterfront WinterfestDelaware River Waterfront WinterfestIce skating at Delaware River Waterfront RiverrinkIsla_Hot_Chocolate_2Delaware River Waterfront WinterfestDelaware River Waterfront WinterfestIce skating at Delaware River Waterfront RiverrinkIce skating at Delaware River Waterfront RiverrinkIsla_Hot_Chocolate_3Isla_Mom_Winterfest_LodgeIsla_Hot_ChocolateIslas_Birthday_Blue_Cross_River_RinkIsla's birthday cupcake

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