Theo Two MonthsTWO much emotion for one weekend. First my baby turns two years old and today my real baby is two months old. Slow down time, for real. I feel like college is right around the corner!

Last month Theo celebrated his first Christmas, watched the ball drop with mom at midnight on NYE, spent lots of time with family and friends and slept for a couple seven-hour nighttime stretches! He’s already outgrowing everything (total opposite of Isla), is the chillest baby there ever was and will probably have an endless amount of patience thanks to his sister (during this photo shoot alone she kept stealing the letters from the light board, took his new kitty away from him 10 times while he gave her the stink-eye,¬†threw a hissy fit in the corner and stood on a stool above him trying to get him to smile). Theo fell in love with a book about Thomas, still nurses every two hours during the day, loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider song and started smiling and cooing, which is the most amazing thing, even the second time around.

Happy two months, sweet guy! We love you like the Mummers love New Years Day!

(Theo at one month and his birth story)Theo Two MonthsTheo Two MonthsTheo Two MonthsTheo Two MonthsTheo_two_months_4Theo Two Months

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