Isla is TWOGiving birth again just two short months ago brought back all the feelings and memories from Isla’s birth, which makes it even harder to believe my beautiful girl is TWO YEARS OLD TODAY! What in the what?!

These last two years with Isla have been the happiest of my life. By far, hands down, no contest. She is growing into a sweet, intelligent, compassionate, adventurous and let’s say tenacious little person right before our eyes and I couldn’t be prouder to be her mom. One minute she’s rubbing my cheek saying “I yuv you mommy” or checking on her baby brother to make sure “Baby okay? Okay. Baby okay!” and a split second later she’s a bull in a china shop, trying her hardest to break everything in sight. On purpose. While staring at me to make sure I’m watching.

Oh to be two!

I’ve missed sharing her monthly updates this past year, mostly because I love going back to read them, so I’m excited to be writing this one. And speaking of monthly updates, I’m working on a project I hope to share with you soon. One I hope Isla will cherish forever, but especially when she is old and grey and perhaps has children of her own. In the meantime …

This year Isla started walking and talking and bossing us around. She wakes up asking for “Mo’ Buzz?!” (translation: she wants to watch “Toy Story”) or saying “goo-night teet, goo-night Dave, goo-night ruff” (translation: she wants to watch “Ruff Ruff, Tweet, and Dave” but I told her they went to bed and she doesn’t know the difference between good night and good morning). She constantly asks for “Daddy apple,” which means she wants to look at the picture on my Instagram of Chris teaching her how to pick apples at the orchard and whenever I give her something she says, “Thank you, Mommy, welcome!”

She’s a cat lady, loves the beach, is obsessed with trains and cars and loves Lightening McQueen and “Tommy” the tank. She’s famous at our local coffee shop and loves walking with us without the stroller and stopping to look for bees along the way (I’m not kidding. She loves bees. It’s almost like we knew that when we named her). She high fives me when she uses the potty, will no longer let us read to her because she wants to do it herself and she takes pizza orders on her new kitchen set phone (“Hewwo? Pizza? [jibberish] Okay! Bye!”).

She will only eat meat if we dip it in ranch dressing, if you are what you eat she is a container of yogurt, she asks for “oh-mee” (oatmeal) every morning and she prefers her veggies sautéed.

She is a wonderful big sister to her baby brother “She-oh” and I can’t wait to watch them develop a beautiful friendship. We just need her to stop trying to poke him in the eyeball all the time. I’m pretty sure she misses alone time with her mom though. We’re in need of some mommy-daughter-only outings when Theo stops eating so much!

Some days are really difficult and filled with many trips to the time-out corner, while others are spent giggling and playing and being a generally sweet little peanut. Most days are filled with both. Every day spent with my sweet girl is perfect.

I love you, my beautiful Isla Bee. I feel lucky every day that I get to be your mom and watch you grow. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings.

Happy second birthday my little love!

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