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Maternity_style_36_weeks8We may not have seen the Pope over the weekend, but we stumbled on a scarecrow and that was pretty cool, too. Our neighborhood in South Philly was like a ghost town all weekend since the city scared everyone away in the weeks leading up to the Pope’s visit. We heard business was pretty horrid all over the place as the hype kept the masses away until Sunday’s service. We loved it though. It was nice and peaceful. I may not be Catholic, but had I been able to walk we might have made our way to Center City just to see the crowds and feel like we were actually part of it all. Baby boy was having none of it though so we attended some celebrations of our own instead. We stopped by a block party at Philly’s real Pope (no really, there’s a bar in our neighborhood called The P.O.P.E.) and then attended a Pope party at a friend’s house nearby. I’d say it was a pretty eventful weekend overall, minus the whole actually seeing the Pope thing.

As of Sunday I’m officially 36 weeks. That is seriously crazy. This baby is coming so soon and we have no idea what’s about to hit us, in the best and most tiring way possible. Poor sweet Isla. She’s just clueless. I’m having trouble walking these days so we’re feeling a little trapped. Some days I can barely even make it up and down the stairs let alone out for walks with Isla so she’s going a little stir crazy. Mostly though baby boy is ready to rumble around dinner time and keeps me up all hours of the night squeezing my organs, jumping on my nerves and tendons and who knows what else he’s breaking. The other night we were putting Isla to bed and he put pressure on something that actually brought me to my knees and made me cry out in pain — twice. Poor Isla was so upset. She ran over to me yelling “MAMA, MAMA!” and hugged me and then did quite a bit of crying and calling my name after lights out. It was heartbreaking. I know that compared to how things could be going, this has been an uneventful and easy pregnancy, but these last few weeks are certainly making life a bit more challenging, especially with one very sweet, concerned, semi-aware toddler following me around like my shadow. Here’s hoping I have the strength to get through these final weeks and that baby boy comes out chubby and healthy. In the meantime, I’ll be on the couch.

Maternity_style_36_weeksIsla_Bee2Maternity_style_36_weeks6Maternity_style_36_weeks4Maternity_style_36_weeks7Isla_Bee Maternity_style_36_weeks9{ON ME: c/o PinkBlush Maternity sweater; Current/Elliott jeans; ASOS hat; DV by Dolce Vita shoes // ON ISLA: Old Navy sweater; Gap jeans; Converse sneakers}

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