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Halloween fun: Bat girl!Forget the bat-signal, all calls for Bat Girl come through the remote control! She’s very important, you know. And busy. Very, very busy. I think she needs a more super hero-y way to answer the call than “Hewwo” though. Since Isla’s baby brother is scheduled to arrive just before Halloween this year, I’m not sure we’ll get to do much celebrating. So being the super fun mom I am, I let Bat Girl wear her super hero uniform and jump on our bed. Not pictured: She would only let me take her picture if I was wearing her fox mask. I’m a good sport.

Anyway. Bat Girl wants you to enjoy Halloween as much as she does, so use code “nightnight” for a discount at both Opposite of Far, our absolute favorite handmade mask shop, and Bubblegum Forest, the creator of these adorable t-shirts, leggings and other fun stuff for all ages (yes, you can have a bat t-shirt in your size, too, mom and dad! Cough, there’s also a Hocus Pocus shirt, cough).

Happy almost Halloween!

p.s. Thank you Opposite of Far and Bubblegum Forest for sending us Isla’s bat disguise!

Halloween fun: Bat girl!Halloween fun: Bat girl!Halloween fun: Bat girl!Halloween fun: Bat girl!Halloween fun: Bat girl!

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