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Maternity Style: 30 WeeksThese photos were technically taken one day shy of 30 weeks, but really who’s counting? We’re getting close, but it’s a little scary and bizarre to think this boy has 10 weeks to grow. I have no clue at this point how big he is, but on a nightly basis he moves around so forcefully my stomach resembles a scene from the move “Alien.” There’s this one organ in particular he seems to be fighting and that poor organ is in pain every night. On the one hand, I love that he’s moving so much. It’s a wonderful sign and oddly comforting to know he can keep up with Isla in the energy department. On the other hand, size matters and I’m nervous for delivery, naturally. All things considered, I have no major complaints though.

A few more 30-week thoughts:

Zero cravings. Food in general is difficult as there’s not much room in there and even small meals leave me feeling very uncomfortable. I snack a lot and dinner is usually a salad (with a lot of cheese and ranch dressing followed by a mini dark reese’s cup because I really know how to ruin a healthy thing). No weight gain either, which apparently is not concerning. This happened with Isla also. I started losing at the end, probably because she was taking all my food so she could come out nice and porky.

Sleep. What’s that again?

My hormonal acne seems to be gone for the most part (cue the heavens opening up and angels floating down singing Aretha Franklin). This is a wonderful thing.

Though this guy has left me feeling incredibly tired for most of this pregnancy, my nesting phase just kicked into high gear a few days ago. I’m making lists for my lists, cleaning out and reorganizing closets and drawers, sorting through Isla’s old clothes (donating some, giving others to my sister and keeping/washing the stuff baby boy will wear), shopping for onesies and booties and every piece of clothing that has any kind of woodland creature on it because I die when I see them and stressing out about how we are completely unprepared in terms of “stuff,” which is probably not really true.

Isla moved into her toddler bed the other night (an update to come!) and I’m slowing trying to de-girlify her room with very little success. I’ve ordered some things and we’ll see how it all works together. I always wanted a gender neutral room and for Isla to feel like she can play with cars and dolls and all of the above no matter the gender assignments placed on things (ahem, she LOVES trucks), but that gorgeous rug made her room much girlier than I intended. I can’t bring myself to part with it (and the money to buy a new one needs to be spent elsewhere) so we’re making it work.

This poor man has no name. Okay, that’s not true. He has a name. It’s his name. I know it’s his name. I’m his mama and he’s inside there and I’m telling you he has a name. His dad though, not yet on board with that name. I’m working on it. We keep telling people his name is Web, as in our last name is Page and I’m taking one from Kim K. But I can’t decide if I should laugh or be horribly offended that people believe us! No, we are not naming our kid Web Page! No. No. No. Or maybe we are. You’ll have to wait and see.

And last but not least, I’m feeling very confident about how Isla will react to her baby brother. When we were in Michigan I spent a lot of time doting on my new, beautiful niece. I was nervous Isla would get jealous and have a hard time. While some of it probably has to do with how distracted she was with two boys and a yard to play with, I was thrilled to see how well she handled the competition. She fell in love with her cousin Laila. When she wasn’t running around the yard naked pushing a lawnmower and bossing around the boys, she was cooing at Laila, asking for “baby? baby?” and saying “aaawwww!” Melt my mama heart. I know things will be different when little Web moves permanently into a space that has, until now, been only hers, but I can tell she’s going to be the best big sister. I am so ready for my two babies to meet and fall in love.

p.s. This dress is from Cotton On. Now look, the quality isn’t perfect (as in some pilling and pulling, though not falling apart by any means), but I paid $20 for this thing and it’s ridiculously comfortable. Lucky for you, it’s now on sale for $14. Had I known, I would’ve stocked up at the beginning of my pregnancy and bought one in every color.

Maternity Style: 30 WeeksMaternity Style: 30 WeeksMaternity Style: 30 Weeks Maternity Style: 30 Weeks Maternity Style: 30 Weeks{Cotton On dress; Anthropologie poncho; Splendid sneakers; James Michelle initial necklace; NARS Satin Lip Pencil in “Rikugien”}

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