Baby and baby bump
I know she has no real understanding of what that big belly means and how much her life is going to change (for the better!), but watching Isla cuddle and obsess over her baby brother these last few weeks has been pretty special. Ever since my niece was born and we started showing Isla pictures of her she’s become obsessed with babies. She asks for “baby, baby, baby” while using sign language to say “more” so that we’ll show her pictures of baby Laila. Then she says “aawww” in the cutest little voice and kisses the phone. When we turn off the camera she promptly loses all her marbles and throws herself onto the floor kicking and screaming and crying for “BABY!!!” And now that has translated to my bump. She randomly pulls up my shirt (or dress!) and then pushes my belly button and screams, as if it’s literally a button that makes her scream. Then she giggles and kisses and cuddles her baby brother until my heart explodes. It’s like she already knows him and loves him with all her tiny heart. I’ve been in love with my sweet girl since before she entered this world, but watching this new side of her and imagining her with her baby brother is almost too much to bear. She makes all my discomfort and stretching and nausea seem so far away, if only for a moment.

Do you ever wonder if siblings are connected before they even enter this world? I know that’s the case with twins, but I’m convinced Isla has a special bond with her brother already and that he’s in there listening to her voice and laughing at her funny jokes. Sometimes when she has her head on my belly he kicks and boogies all around and I really believe he’s trying to talk to her. I’m their mama and I’m pretty certain they love each other already. I hope I never forget what it’s been like watching these two get acquainted and I can’t wait for them to meet some day soon.

Baby cuddling baby bump

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  • Reply Katie July 29, 2015 at 9:51 am

    This is so so sweet. I am due in September with a baby boy and my daughter will be almost 19 months, so pretty similar situation. My daughter does the same thing to my belly button and reaches out to touch my belly sometimes out of nowhere. Melts my heart.

  • Reply Aunt cindy August 7, 2015 at 10:28 pm

    Well, we can’t wait to meet her brother, but I’m sure it’s nothing compared to your family! Loved the pictures. Thinking of you…

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