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Maternity StyleI love my OB. I really do. Truly. She’s wonderful. But I think she might be crazy. According to her, this is 24 weeks. THIS. T H I S. How is that possible? The other day Isla was head-butting my belly and her brother was kicking her back. It was not only a preview of things to come, but it made me wonder if maybe he’s ready to come out now. I mean come on, does he really need 16 more weeks to grow? Okay, fine, I’m totally kidding. I want him to come charging into the world with fat thighs and cheeks big enough to store food for the winter. Obviously. But this is kind of ridiculous. Maybe I can get Isla to push me in the stroller when I can no longer walk (in like 4 weeks).

Other than being large, I’m feeling pretty good. No major complaints and no real cravings either. The love I had for cupcakes during my pregnancy with Isla is a no-go this time around, though I dream about that fried chicken sandwich from Port FedNuts (seen in this post).

Lots of kicks and punches and wind being knocked out of me, which is a new and interesting experience.

More gaining of weight this time, though I can’t tell if that’s going to my butt or the baby. During my pregnancy with Isla I wore my real jeans with the belly band well into my third trimester. This time, I can’t get them over said rear-end, so there’s that.

My acne is fading fast, and that’s the first time I’ve said that since I got pregnant with Isla. It’s a Christmas in July miracle. Either my lotion is working, or it’s because I ditched this bronzer (which I started using right around the time I got pregnant with Isla and, interestingly, isn’t being sold by a lot of retailers anymore), or it’s true what they say: that baby girls steal your beauty, or my skin is fixing itself. Whatever is responsible, I want to give it a shout out because yay.

p.s. I’m obsessed with this dress. So comfortable. It’s like wearing pajamas.

p.p.s Want to know how tired I am? I just realized this is not a 24-week update, it’s 25! Oops.

Maternity Style

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