LatelySummer just started and it’s already flying by! So many fun and exciting things already happening. So here’s a bit of lately.

A few days ago my sister welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Laila Rain, and Isla spends all day asking for “baby” and kissing her picture — a good sign for things to come! We can’t wait to kiss those sweet cheeks when we travel to Michigan to meet her later this summer!

Speaking of our trip to MI, any advice for flying with an insane toddler who refuses to do anything but run in circles until she’s dizzy and scream “HHHIII!!!” repeatedly at every person she sees (especially the ones who want none of it are clearly ignore her)?

Isla had her first kiss with a boy at the zoo. It was romantic and adorable and her dad is ready to wrap her in bubble wrap and lock all the doors until she’s 40.

Boy clothes are way cuter than I thought they’d be. Thank you Zara for making such cute options but no thank you for destroying my bank account.

I had a birthday this week. They just keep coming year after year no matter how hard I try to pause time. And it got me thinking … I got engaged at 28, married at 29, pregnant at 30, had my first baby at 31, got pregnant again at 32 and I’ll welcome baby boy at 33. Dear vacation, I’ll be calling you soon.

Don’t forget to use my discount to sign up for Bookroo! And to tell me everything there is to know about double strollers!

Our goal this summer is to spend as much time submerged in water as possible. Between all the spraygrounds, pools and beach time we’re already on our way. This weekend we have big plans to eat lots of ice cream,  avoid all the sharks and gulp seawater until we drop.

Have a fantastic 4th of July!

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