Yankee_Stadium_Kiddie_Pool_2We had a great weekend. If you ask Isla, I bet she’ll tell you it was the best ever. We spent a few days down the shore with family and friends, spoiling Isla rotten with attention and endless amounts of fresh air, water and sunshine. We ate lots of seafood and too much ice cream, spent a beautiful day on the beach, lounged in Isla’s Yankee Stadium pool (yes, I just said that) and enjoyed the breezy, salty air all weekend. Our fearless little fishie is officially obsessed with the beach and ocean. Even a wipe out and mouth full of saltwater couldn’t keep her away. Though why did no one tell me reapplying sunscreen on a sandy, saltwatery, cranky toddler who hasn’t had a nap but refuses to leave the beach is the hardest thing ever? Now that we’re home, she keeps asking, “Beach?” and calling for my aunt, which means we’re going to have to go back ASAP!

p.s. We found out the gender of baby no. 2 on Monday so be on the lookout for the big reveal this week! Any guesses? (If you already know you’re not allowed to guess … MOM!)

Baby on the beachBaby on the beachBaby on the boardwalkBaby on the beachBlowing BubblesBaby on the boardwalkYankee_Stadium_Kiddie_Pool_3Baby on the beachBlowing BubblesChocolate Vanilla Twist Cone with Chocolate Sprinkles Yankee Stadium Kiddie Pool

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