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Maternity Style: Denim Vest + T-Shirt DressWell, we’re officially halfway there, which is bizarre. This pregnancy is flying by, probably because I’m too busy chasing my monster toddler to remember there’s a baby kicking around in there. And let’s talk about that kicking for a second. I felt some mild kicks and punches with Isla, but this one takes my breath away and it’s been happening for several weeks. My doctor said I’d feel things earlier this time around, but I didn’t expect a boxing match! Could it be a boy? We’ll know soon enough! Any guesses?

Some other things of note about pregnancy no. 2: Cupcakes and ice cream bars are a daily must-have (ugh); I have no tolerance for the belly band, something I loved with my first; My hair is so fluffy and frizzy I feel like a chia pet; I already can’t see my feet in the shower; I was 100% certain Isla was a girl from the moment I became pregnant, but this time my guess is as good as yours; I cry about nothing and everything; I’m EXHAUSTED; I have yet to buy one thing for this poor newbie; My puberty-style acne isn’t as bad as it was with Isla but it’s brutal and I’m certain pregnancy glow is a total myth; I miss red wine … a lot; people were so nice to me when I was pregnant with Isla, now they see me chasing a toddler down the street with this big gut hanging out and give me this look that says, “Oh honey, you have no idea what’s coming”; and if one more person asks if I’m carrying twins or implies that my due date must be right around the corner I’m going to let Isla bite her … hard.

On to the outfit. There’s only one thing you need to know: nearly everything I’m wearing is currently on sale — the tote, the shoes, the vest. And the dress is $49, so jackpot. I do love this dress from the regular people (not pregnant) section, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to wear it. I bent down to pick up Isla and I think the world saw my derriere. You’re welcome.

Maternity Style: Denim Vest + T-Shirt DressMaternity Style: Denim Vest + T-Shirt DressMaternity Style: Denim Vest + T-Shirt DressMaternity Style: Denim Vest + T-Shirt Dress{Madewell vest (on sale!); Urban Outfitters dress + sunglasses; c/o J.Crew tote (on sale!); Splendid sneakers (on sale!)Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Créme Lip Colour in “Paradis” (from my wedding)}

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  • Reply Sabrina June 9, 2015 at 12:49 am

    Adorable outfit! You look beautiful in blue.


  • Reply Aunt cindy June 16, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    You look adorable, so quit worrying about acne, short dresses and what other people think. We love you and Isla and New Baby and Chris so much. Put your feet up every chance you get and take care, dearie!

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