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I mentioned briefly in our pregnancy announcement that babies one and two are going be roomies in the nursery and that Isla is getting evicted from her crib. Eviction was perhaps a harsh choice of words. I certainly hope the transition goes much more smoothly than that. We do have some time, since the new baby will sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first three months (or until he/she starts sleeping about eight hours per night)¬†just like we did with Isla, but we would like to start planting the idea that she’s moving to a big girl bed. So begins the search for the perfect toddler bed.

We’ve considered a few options: 1. convert the crib to the toddler bed and buy a new crib (this is the most expensive option so I considered it for only as long as it took me to say it out loud), 2. buy a toddler bed, 3. skip the toddler bed and go straight to a twin or 4. put a mattress on the floor.

We’re most likely going with option two and buying a toddler bed. A twin bed (or mattress) is too big for a shared room — especially if we move to a place with smaller bedrooms — and I don’t love the idea of the mattress just on the floor anyway. I’d like Isla to have a more traditional bed and to encourage her not to crawl out and come in our room or, worse, poke the baby!

The one thing I wasn’t considering is that toddler beds are expensive! I mean seriously, what the … ?! Well, the ones I like at least. I’m looking for something modern, much like our Oeuf crib. I’d like to have a rail, preferably one that’s detachable, but that’s not a deal-breaker as long as the bed is low enough to the ground so that a tumble won’t break any important bones. I’m looking for white or birch or both, and love the idea of some color, though not yet knowing the gender of the newbie (or any of our future dozen kids) is pushing me toward something gender neutral.

The Kalon Studios Caravan Divan (no. 7) is by far my favorite. It does come in plain birch and also birch with white accents. I am in love with the coral, but again, I’m trying to go gender neutral. I absolutely love the shape and style and after searching Pinterest, I’m obsessed with how it looks set up. There’s no rail, which is a bummer, but it’s low enough to the ground that there shouldn’t be any major injuries. My second choice is the Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed (no. 3).

Any suggestions?

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