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15 Weeks | really risaIt’s true what “they” say … I’m definitely showing earlier this time around than with my first. I’m 15 weeks now and this is me at 16 weeks with Isla, where I am not only wearing non-maternity denim shorts, but they button! Those days came and went quite early on for me this time around and I don’t currently own one pair of anything that comfortably zips, let alone buttons! I’m finally feeling a bit better, though still exhausted as hell. That second trimester energy burst is welcome to make an appearance any time!

We spent most of the weekend enjoying the weather, venturing out for some daytime festivals and cheering on the runners in the Broad Street Run. Isla has a cold and is cutting all of her molars at the same time, which has made for some wonderful all-nighters and miserable days, but we’re doing our best to take as many naps as possible. I could kiss that girl for how much she loves to sleep. I’m thinking we might spend every day from now until, um, the birth of number two, lounging our lazy butts in a kiddie pool on our teeny tiny back patio. Who’s with us? 15 Weeks | really risa15 Weeks | really risa15 Weeks | really risa

{Zara jeans (similar) + top + shoes; Loft sweater; ASOS hat; Urban Outfitters sunglasses}

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