I wasn’t sure if Isla would understand the concept of searching for Easter eggs but I decided to give it a try. Fear not. As soon as she realized they were filled with Cheerios, puffs and grapes the hunt was on! Holidays really are so much more fun with little ones around. I filled her basket (courtesy of my in-laws last Easter) with bows from LuluLuvs, headbands from Little Hip Squeaks, Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons and a bunny we already had since the stuffed animal we ordered for her still hasn’t arrived (grrr). We celebrated just the three of us in the morning and then headed out to see family in the afternoon, where I ate too many deviled eggs and marzipan, and where my uncles told me I dressed Isla liked a little old baby lady. It was a wonderful day.


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