easter basket ideas for babies + toddlers

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Babies

I’m pretty excited that Isla is old enough now to enjoy and maybe partly understand holidays. I can’t wait to watch her hunt for eggs around our house on Easter Sunday. I imagine the fact that she has no idea what chocolate is and, therefore, no clue what’s she’s missing, her Cheerio-filled plastic eggs will be the best thing ever. It’s going to be great. So in the spirit, I decided to throw together some ideas for baby and toddler Easter baskets … without the sugar! We’re not big into gift giving for holidays other than Christmas and birthdays, but a few fun items never hurt anyone. So here’s a list of my favorite basket stuffers (clockwise + some items not pictured).

Land’s End Easter Basket ($25). My in-laws gave Isla one of these canvas Easter baskets (the one with the bumblebee on it, of course!) last year and it’s not only adorable, but has really come in handy. It currently holds all of Isla’s wooden alphabet blocks (you’ve seen it here) but I’m excited to stuff it with goodies again this year!

LuluLuvs bows ($6-$14, depending on size). I’ve written about these a bunch and they’re still my favorite bows. She has a ton of gorgeous fabrics and the bows come in a couple of sizes, though I’m partial to the mini ones since Isla is pretty tiny. I bought Isla the Liberty of London mini bows in Phoebe Coral and Tom Peach, and the Itty Bitty Fabric Bow in gray double gauze. Alligator clips are the way to go for us. So much easier to put in a constantly moving toddler’s hair than the snap clips.

Traditional Plastic Eggs. These will be hidden around the house and in her basket filled with Cheerios, grapes, puffs and other bite-size baby snacks.

Rabbit Mask by Opposite of Far ($18). These toddler masks are so fun! They’re handmade and you can choose from a bunch of different animals, bugs, etc. Everything from an elephant to a narwhal! I bought Isla the Fox for Christmas and while it’s a bit too big for her now, I know she’ll love it some day soon. I think the rabbit mask would be a perfect Easter basket stuffer.

Little Hip Squeaks headbands ($11). By far my favorite baby headbands. These really stay put and are very soft, plus the designs are adorable. I think this “Dahlia” trio is out of stock at the moment but hopefully will be restocked soon. No matter though, she has tons of great colors and releases new ones often. She makes dresses, blankets, booties and onesies, too. I also love the headbands at House of Mia.

Old Navy Sunglasses ($6). I have yet to convince Isla that sunglasses are for wearing, not eating, but we’re working on it. Old Navy has some inexpensive ones, as does Target.

Wooden Camera by Fawn Over Baby ($18). How cute is this mint-colored baby camera?! I’ve been eyeing these for a while. I’m always taking Isla’s photo so I’m so curious to see if she’ll start mimicking me or if she’ll just chew it (this is more likely). If you’re willing to pay more, this one is so pretty, too.

Saltwater Sandals ($35). I am in love with these. I’ve wanted to buy Isla a pair since before she was born. I also think I need a matching pair for myself. Now that she’s walking, I can’t wait to grab a pair for summer. The hardest part will be choosing a color! This would be a great occasion to buy some Freshly Picked moccasins, too! Or maybe these cute baby oxfords.

Hazel Village Bird Rattle ($17). It’s like a little chick that just popped out of its egg. So cute and perfect for a little teether.

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons ($7). There is nothing Isla loves more than books. I use any occasion as an excuse to buy her new ones. She loves when we read to her and lately I’ve been catching her actually reading aloud to herself (or singing if it’s a song book). It’s a pretty incredible thing to see. This rabbit book would be great for spring.

Hazel Village Zoe Rabbit ($36). Isla has Hazel Village’s Flora Fox and absolutely loves her. She’d bring her everywhere if I’d let her. Right now though we’re trying to get her to stop eating her poor nose! My kid really knows how to ruin a beautiful toy. If you’re looking for a fluffier stuffed bunny gift, this might be the softest, most cuddly bunny I’ve ever seen.

Happy almost Easter!

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