latelyThe other day Isla, who still won’t say mama, called me by my first name. And I finally caught it on video.

We’re bored. Winter is getting the best of us. But I’m trying my best to keep Isla entertained (and myself sane — lots of Pinteresting happening during naptime). I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and baking lately and I’m perfecting the art of flax egg as an egg replacement. However, I’m an amateur in the kitchen. And by that I mean injuries abound, like that time a few days ago when I grabbed the handle of a metal pan that had just come out of the oven, and then I told Isla all about my “boo boo” and she kissed it, which really did make it all better. Except it still hurt. A lot. Here are a few recipes I’ve tried lately: shrimp fried rice (spicy so not really baby-friendly), chicken cacciatore, pasta with pumpkin-sage cream sauce and garlic butter mushroom risotto. All delicious, all highly recommended.

My aunt and uncle had to put their dog Tootsie down a few weeks ago, which was very, very sad, obviously. Isla hadn’t seen her since November. When we visited two weekends ago, my aunt asked her, “What does Tootsie say?” and Isla barked in response, which was the sweetest thing and made us all so happy to think she’ll always remember her first and favorite canine buddy.

Chris and I binge watched the first five seasons of Shameless. It was amazing and I’m not ashamed. We started True Detective but I don’t think I can watch it. Nightmares after just two episodes.

I’ve never had dim sum. Time to remedy that. Also, this organic burger joint (called P’unk Burger) is just what the Avenue needed. My favorite is the Cali Burger (with homemade guac, smoked gouda instead of cheddar and bib lettuce) with shoestring fries and a chocolate milkshake. Yummm. We may have already eaten there twice since it opened (less than a week ago!).

The new blog design and mobile site have been up and running for a weeks now, which is very exciting. Any thoughts? Glitches?

I bought this the other day and I love it. Now I really need spring to hurry up. I also bought this and would love it if it wasn’t ever so slightly too big on me. Hey Zara: Please consider petites. Thanks.

I taught Isla how to buzz like a bee. Best thing ever. Video coming soon to Instagram.

And that’s that.

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