Little Hip Squeaks onyx stripe headband

A never ending fever, freezing cold weather and mean, mean, mean, mean teeth = a very unhappy baby and kind of lost mama. So that’s where we’ve been, in case you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for new blog posts. When she’s not clawing at her face, crying for hugs (and rubbing my back), sucking her thumb while snuggling and watching Finding Nemo for the one millionth time and refusing anything but smoothies, she gives me glimpses of that happy baby I so love and remember. Please come back soon non sick, non teething, happy baby. Please. Also, hey wind, maybe give us a break so we can go play on the swings or something. Thanks.

Coming up when I get some time to blog … pregnancy skin solutions, before and after mid century arm chairs and maybe an outfit (if that pesky wind goes away).

Happy week!

Little Hip Squeaks onyx stripe headband

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