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Christmas morning, House Inhabit mini teepee
This Christmas was by far my favorite, but I suppose that’s no surprise. Not only was this Isla’s first Christmas, it was also our very first time hosting a holiday at our house. We had about 20 family members over for a buffet-style celebration complete with homemade turkey, ham, Hungarian nut roll, cookies, eggnog, mimosas and more. We also celebrated Isla’s birthday since we had family in from all over who won’t be here to see her celebrate next week. The cake itself was disgusting though (baking without egg just isn’t working out for me), but you can’t go wrong with cream cheese icing! We knew Isla was going to get spoiled by family in terms of presents so we decided to buy her something simple we could all enjoy for years to come … a teepee! I confess I have been dreaming about having a teepee in my home for a few years so I was thrilled to have an excuse (read: a baby) to buy one. Isla wasn’t so sure about it when she first came downstairs in the morning but it was hit with her cousins and all the adults and I’m certain she’ll grow to love it.

If I really had to choose a favorite moment from the day, it was waking up in our own home with our little one on Christmas morning. I’m thinking that’s a tradition we’ll have to continue for years to come. Somehow we got through the whole day and only took one photo of the three of us (only one photo worth keeping, that is), but the memories from this amazing day are sure to last a lifetime. Though Isla won’t remember, I hope she always knows just how truly loved she is.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday, too! Here’s an overload of photos from our day.

Christmas morningChristmas morningChristmas morning, House Inhabit mini teepeeChristmas morningChristmas morning, House Inhabit mini teepeeChristmas morningChristmas DayChristmas morning, House Inhabit mini teepeeChristmas DayFirst birthday cakeFirst birthday cake Christmas dayChristmas DayChristmas Day  Christmas morning, House Inhabit mini teepeeOur family on Christmas Day

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