oh, hey winter. you’re early.

Baby on the swings

For the first time in probably my entire life, I am really looking forward to winter. Did I need it to come rushing in so soon? Maybe not. But I’m predicting this holiday season is going to top every one before it, for obvious reasons. We spent much of the weekend braving the cold to get Isla out and about in the city and working on some things around the house. I also enjoyed a much-needed afternoon/evening with some girlfriends while Isla and her dad bonded on their own. Don’t get me wrong, I missed them like crazy and made sure to be home by bedtime, but most of my days lately are spent getting my fingers chomped on and catching that rascal as she dives headfirst off the stairs, so I needed a break. Seriously though, what 10-month-old figures out how to remove the plastic outlet protectors so she can eat them and then bites her mom (hard!) when she tries to fish them from her throat? She eats things I didn’t even know were in our house! It’s not funny, guys! Okay, it’s funny. And exhausting. To get back at her, I dress her up like the abominable snowman and take her to the park to play. Life on the edge, you know? So happy winter-is-here-whether-you’re-ready-or-not! And happy Monday, too.

Isla Bee  Baby on the swings

Isla Bee on the slide

Isla Bee on the slide

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