first pool day

Baby's first time at the pool

Isla took a dip in a pool for the very first time on Friday with my aunt and Anya at my grandparents’ country club. We realized while we were splashing around that this is very same pool where I took my first dip and where my mom took hers, too. I love that. Three generations in this very same place. Amazing. Not surprisingly, Isla loved every minute. She’s obsessed with bath time and gets excited any time she sees running water so I had a feeling she’d be a fish. She was kicking, splashing on a boogie board and flirting with a little boy who kept swimming by. It was pretty adorable. I have yet to drunk her though. Chris couldn’t be with us and I don’t like to do many firsts without him so he’s going to have to come with us next time! I think it’s only a matter of time before she starts dunking herself!

Baby's first time at the pool  Isla and Mama at the Pool

Baby's first time at the pool

Baby's first time at the pool

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