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Hi Everyone! My name is Lynzy and I blog over on Sparkling Footsteps! I am so excited to be guest posting while Risa is taking care of her new bundle of joy! Our little O is now 14 weeks old (!!!) and was only 2 weeks old in this picture (time sure does fly by…). I wanted to put together a post that will help new mamas figure out what the best products are. There was a lot of trial and error and there were a ton of items that we never even used. I hope this helps you! :)


HALO Sleepsack swaddle Baby O is still swaddled at nearly 3.5 months. She always startles herself if she isn’t … she sleeps SO much better with these. I love them!
Honest Diapers Biodegradable and so nice on baby’s skin. Baby O has never had a diaper rash with these!
OxiClean Baby Stain Remover Spray  Breast milk poop stains are THE worst. This will be your savior …
BabyGanics Bye Bye Dry for Eczema Baby O had eczema pretty bad in the beginning and still suffers from it now, this is great for after her bath!
Tiny Love Crib Mobile BEST $40 ever spent. She LOVES this! Get it ASAP though because it can only be used until 5 months old!
7 A.M. Enfant Bunting Sack It’s freezing up here in the Northeast and we love this bunting sack for her car seat!
HomeMedics Sound Spa We put the rain on for Baby O every night – it helps her sleep SO much better.
O Ball A great grasping toy to introduce right around 3 months!
Fisher Price Play Mat  One of the very first toys we introduced to Liv. It’s a great starter toy.
Angel Baby Shampoo and Body wash -So gentle for baby, we swear by their products!
Brest Friend My one and only thing that I use consistently every day since her birth. LOVE this for breastfeeding.
Lansinoh Breast Therapy (hot and cold packs) You will need these if you are breast feeding. Especially in the first few weeks!
Pajamas that open in the front You need a million of these if you are breast feeding. Just trust me.
Soothies Gel Pads Heaven on earth for the boobs!
Nursing Cover Nurse anywhere, anytime!
Happy Baby Wrap I LOVE baby wearing and it’s the only way I get anything done around the house. Olivia loves her happy baby wrap!
Heating Pad My back was KILLING me the first 6 weeks after birth and I put my heating pad on every second I got.
Foot Cream For your hubby to give you foot massages daily, you deserve it!
Postpartum Bath Herbs Take 15 minutes to decompress and enjoy yourself with this postpartum bath soak. It’s amazing.
C-Mama Healing Salve For those mamas who get C-sections or even those who don’t. This amazing cream helps to heal stretch marks and C section scars!
Thanks for having me Risa! xo
I would love for you to come visit me on Sparkling Footsteps!
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