Isla_Daddy_Avon_By_The_SeaWe had the best Memorial Day. I know I say this every year so I suppose it’s safe to say this is one of my favorite weekends of the year. There’s just something about the unofficial start of summer, even when it’s too cold for actual beach days. Rather than spending the whole time down the shore we were all over the place this year. We spent time at my aunt’s playing with cousins, eating ice cream and seafood, running around the boardwalk and taking long, beautiful walks. Then we reminisced at a family reunion with Chris’ side of the family and rounded out the holiday with a low-key, quiet Memorial Day in the city barbecuing and roasting s’mores with friends. Like I said, it was the best weekend. I hope your holiday was as relaxing and filled with love as ours.

Avon_By_The_Sea_Boardwalk_3 Avon_By_The_Sea_BeachMemorial Day | really risaTwist_ConeMemorial Day | really risaAvon_By_The_Sea_Boardwalk

Memorial Day | really risaBradley_Beach_LakeAvon_By_The_Sea_Boardwalk_2

Memorial Day | really risa Memorial Day | really risa Memorial Day | really risa Memorial Day | really risa Chhaya Cafe, Philadelphia

Maternity Style


Maternity Style | really risaWhy is every maternity dress designed for tall women? On the models and even on average women I see, these dresses fall just above the knee, covering just enough leg. On me, these same dresses are calf-length, which shortens my legs and makes me feel like a sausage. This non-maternity dress from American Apparel looks on me exactly how the same style of maternity dress looks on taller ladies, which means I’m in love. It’s ribbed so it hides bumps and imperfections well (and also the lines from my underthings), it’s soft and stretchy so I don’t feel trapped and unable to bend any which way and it’s short-sleeved, which I love since my arms (and cheeks) carry most of my baby weight. I wear this dress pretty much every other day (with the kimono, a military vest or on its own) and I’m two seconds from begging American Apparel to make it in 20 colors so I can buy them all.

Maternity Style | really risa Maternity Style | really risa Maternity Style | really risaMaternity Style | really risaMaternity Style | really risaMaternity Style | really risa Maternity Style | really risa

{American Apparel Dress; H&M kimono (similar); Anthropologie hat; Zara sandals (similar); NARS “Never Say Never” velvet matte lip pencil; Essie “Lovie Dovie” nail polish}




Baby Beach EssentialsMemorial Day weekend is upon us and you know what that means … let the beach weekends begin! This year we’re ready for Isla to run around like a crazy person and actually enjoy the sand and water. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few of our beach baby essentials. We discovered most of these things last summer, though a few are on my list to grab before they sell out.

ABO Gear Sunmate Shelter. My mom had this same one when we were kids. The sun does come through the mesh vents, but so does the ocean breeze. The vents also prevent the tent from blowing all over the place on windy days. Warning: It’s a two-person set-up. My mom always did it by herself, but I haven’t quite mastered that feat. It’s only $35 though, which is a steal.

Gypsy Soul Collective Hippie Beach Blanket. We used this blanket last summer and loved it. You’ve seen it here at the beach and here at the park. Most of these are pricey, but this one is only $25 and is about 5’x7′ — a good size for a family of three. It also gets even softer in the washer/dryer, thankfully, because I was not washing this guy by hand. No way, no how. There are tons of gorgeous colors available.

Badger Balm SPF 35 Face Stick + 30 Zinc Oxide Cream. The face stick is new this year, but we loved the zinc cream last year for Isla so I thought we’d give it a try. Isla gets particularly cranky when we put lotion on her face so here’s hoping she’ll cut me a slack with this thing. (For my local friends, these are available at Cloth.)

Thermos Foogo Straw Bottle. I have never used this but it’s on my list to buy. I’ve read great reviews. Any other suggestions for leak-proof cups to keep drinks cool on the beach?

Buoy Beach Umbrella Shade Anchor Bag. We bought this with our umbrella last season and it’s amazing. While everyone else’s umbrellas were flying all over the beach threatening to impale unsuspecting beach goers, our umbrella barely budged. Greatest beach invention ever, especially for only $19.

Beach Chair + Umbrella. The perfect size for an itty bitty beach babe. I can’t vouch for its quality though. We are picking one up this week.

Old Navy Hooded Terry Beach Cover-Up. Love this thing. Bought it last year for Isla and it’s great for wrapping up and zonking out in the beach tent after many hours of playtime.

i Play Rash Guard + Ruffle Snap Swim Diaper + Swim Diaper Two-Piece Tankini + Solid Brim Sun Protection Hat. We have all of these from last summer. The hat still fits because the head size is adjustable and I loved the suits so much I purchased new, bigger ones for this season. The snap swim diaper is great for the pool and beach since it acts like a poop catcher essentially and lets you skip real diapers entirely during water time. All of the products from i Play are UPF50+ so they’re perfect for little ones who are still too young for SPF. The rash guards come in long sleeve, too, and the prints for all the hats and suits are adorable. Lots of options for boys swim trunks, too. (For my local friends, all of these are available at Cloth.) You’ve seen Isla wearing the rash guard and swim diaper here and the two-piece tankini and sun hat here.

Babiators. I mean, so stinking cute, no?

Salt Water Sea Wees Waterproof Sandals. I bought these in the original leather style before realizing they come in waterproof, too! Don’t get me wrong, I love the ones we have, but these Sea Wees seem perfect for the beach and pool.

Happy Memorial Day!