have a wonderful weekend!

Isla wearing January Prints booties

We’re staying put this Labor Day weekend with plans to baby-proof the house, finally meet a friend’s new baby boy, meet up with friends we haven’t seen all summer and enjoy what is sure to be a quiet weekend in the city. I love it when the whole town goes down the shore and we’re left with very few crowds and endless brunch options. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

p.s. Isla’s high-top booties are made by my high school friend, Michelle, of January Prints. They’re perfect for fall. I’m just saying.


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our vacation down the shore

Long Beach Island, NJ

As I mentioned in my last post, we were able to enjoy a nearly two-week vacation down the shore with both sides of our family in Wildwood (with Chris’ family) and Bradley Beach (with mine). It was the perfect opportunity for Isla to spend some quality time with all four of her cousins (Chris’ sister has two kids and my sister’s two were visiting from Michigan). We spent nearly every day on the beach, took an evening trip to Long Beach Island (where I spent my summers as a kid), ate way too much ice cream and not enough seafood, spent time with lots of extended family and tried our best to enjoy summer’s final days. Here are just a few photos from our time away.

Avon-by-the-Sea beach



Her dad was not happy about all the sand she swallowed. I thought it was pretty adorable.

Jumping off the lifeguard stand in LBI

Long Beach Island, NJ

Isla sitting in the ocean

Isla watching the Ferris Wheel

She insisted on watching the ferris wheel upside down.

Isla with her poppop

Enjoying the view from our deck in Wildwood with her Pop-pop.

Long Beach Island, NJ

Jumping off the lifeguard stand in LBI

Please excuse these two. They don’t like clothes.

Isla sitting in the ocean

She’s a fish, this one. Next summer is going to be interesting.

Kids on the beach

She’s obsessed with her cousin Lexie. Laughs hysterically at everything she does.

Jumping the waves in LBI

We were all showered and dressed for dinner/pictures/amusement park rides in LBI when Ryan decided to run into the water with his clothes on because he’s obsessed with the ocean and couldn’t help himself. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring him a dry change of clothes. Oops.


Crawling. Everywhere.

Swimming in the ocean in Avon-by-the-Sea

Seagulls on the jetty

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