It’s snowing as I type this so let’s talk swimwear.

My days of lying on a beach chair for endless uninterrupted hours are a thing of a past. With two kids in tow there is no relaxing or even sitting still. Instead, I can expect to be buried alive and spend my entire days stopping Isla (and probably Theo) from eating sand and washing away in the ocean due to her fearlessness in the face of any body of water. This means I’m constantly keeping an eye out for flattering jiggle-free, chasing-kid-friendly swimwear. Even before I had kids I was ready to retire the bikinis and move on to one-piece suits, but just the thought made me feel old. Not anymore. My hunt for swimwear that doesn’t make me feel like a nearly naked twenty-something has been pretty successful so far.

One of my favorite suits is from Albion Fit (seen on me here). The black ruched bottom half has a slimming effect on my lingering baby belly (from my first pregnancy), and the sweet Eiffel towers on the white top draw your eyes up, which sounds bad now that I’m typing this but you know what I’m getting at here. This season, I’m eyeing a few of their tankini suits. I know what you’re thinking. A tankini? These are not the tankinis of the early 2000s, I swear. The high-waisted bottoms and peplum tops are not only adorable, but I’m thinking they’ll hide all the right post-baby spots I never want the world to see again. That is, until my next pregnancy because that is the only time I’ll ever wear another bikini. Weird, right? Anyway. I also love that you can mix and match these. A pair of black high-waisted bottoms will go with just about anything (including tops I already own if I’m feeling brave enough bare a little extra skin).

During my hunt for swimsuits this year I’m looking for a few specific features I’ve found to be the most flattering: ruched mid-sections, vertical stripes, busy prints, color-blocks (dark bottoms, light tops), high-waisted two-pieces, black on black on black and slimming side details. Here are a few options, for all budgets:

Flattering one-piece swimwear for 2016top: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
middle: 1 | 2 | 3* | 4
bottom: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
{*see this suit on my gorgeous friend Liz}



Theo Three MonthsYes, I am aware that “months” is spelled wrong in some of these photos. No, I was not aware until I looked at them later. And yes, I totally blame my toddler because she would. not. stop. touching. it! Sorry, Theo, but this is probably par for your childhood. Better get used to it now.

Last month, Theo survived his first cold (and broke our hearts in the process), belly laughs every time we tickle his little man boobies, smiles 90 percent of the time, is in love with bath time (and is outgrowing his infant tub) and experienced his first blizzard. He is the happiest, chillest kid on Earth (for example: see that photo below where Isla is clotheslining him because he fell on her? Little trooper cracked up afterward. Poor second baby). The way he lights up when he sees his sister makes me lose my marbles a little bit and I predict he’ll grow to be sweet, caring and funny. He cries only when he’s so hungry he can barely take one more second of life without milk or is over tired. I can tell by the smirks he gives his sister he either knows she’s a piece of work or is plotting some bad behavior of his own. Our chubby boy is already wearing size six month clothes, fits into pants Isla wore when she was 11 months old and weighs more than half of her current weight. He takes long naps while swaddled in the mamaRoo with the ocean sounds humming, sometimes sleeps in seven-hour stretches (followed by lots of early morning cluster feeding) and his favorite time of day is Isla’s bedtime, when he lies on a blanket on the floor of the nursery chatting away while we wrangle her into her PJs. He coos and laughs when we read to him, is rolling every which way, finally found his thumb but can’t quite decide what to do with it, is horribly ticklish (especially his neck if you can find it under all those rolls and slobber it with kisses), purrs and sings when we play music (he even loves my atrocious singing!), is super chatty and social and loves cuddling on his mama, though sometimes only daddy has the magic touch.

This month we’re going to enjoy a few hours of quality alone time while Isla is at preschool, hope for more snow so we can play in it instead of shelter in place thanks to a house full of viruses and work on that whole sleeping through the night thing.

Life with two can be overwhelming, of course, but it’s also pretty incredible. Whenever Theo cries Isla yells “It’s okay, She-oh, I’M COMING!” or “She-oh, you okay?!” as she runs to him, holds her arms out and says, “Come ‘ere!” I about die every time. I wonder, will she always take care of him the way she does now or will he take over as the big, overprotective brother? I can’t wait to find out.

Happy three months, chubs! Your endless patience is a mother’s dream and I love you more than kids love snow days.

(Theo at two monthsone month and his birth story)Theo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three MonthsTheo Three Months Theo Three Months



Oversized ScarfFor once I’m not talking about me. Being oversized, that is. It feels so good to be back in my regular jeans. Also to be able to bend down and get back up on my own is a huge plus! But anyway. It was 50 degrees in the city on Sunday and Isla is finally starting to feel better (Theo is still fighting a bit of a cough) so we ventured out for a walk and some coffee. Isla stopped to put Lightening McQueen stickers all over her boots, naturally, and we managed to take a few pictures since it’s been a while since I’ve shared an outfit.

I bought these skinny jeans from Zara the other day for only $35 and I’m thinking about going back for more in other colors. They’re long one me (surprise, surprise) but they’re ridiculously forgiving and comfortable without the sag. When it comes to jeans, it doesn’t get much better than that! Oh, and did you hear Zara has a maternity section now? Of course, now that I don’t need it. I guess I have to get pregnant again. I KID, I KID! For now. Now let us not forget the purpose of this post — the oversized scarf, my Christmas gift from 2014. It’s still one of my favorites for keeping warm around the house and while out and about. Unfortunately, my friend Jaclyn didn’t make any new ones this year (hint, hint for next year?!), but I’ve linked to some similar ones I like below.

{on me: Zara jeans + top; Acacia scarf; Madewell bag; Sam Edelman boots || on Isla: Zara jacket; Gap boots (on sale!); Old Navy hat}

Oversized ScarfOversized ScarfOversized ScarfOversized ScarfOversized ScarfOversized ScarfOversized ScarfOversized Scarf



Snow Storm Jonas | PhiladelphiaOh winter, there you are. Rather than enjoy the blizzard outside with the kids like we wanted, the four of us spent most of the weekend cooped up inside battling three raging colds (Chris included). I did manage to get Isla out there to play a bit on Sunday but after about 15 minutes she was coughing up a storm and just wanted to go to bed. Poor munchkin. Somehow I’ve managed to stay relatively healthy through it all — while being sneezed, coughed and spit up on for a week (knock on wood). Here’s hoping I don’t wake up feeling miserable this week.

Anyway. I guess that’s all I really have to report. I just figured I say hi since I’ve been MIA for a while. And here are a few tidbits from lately:

Isla started swimming lessons and LOVES every minute in the pool with her dad.

Chris bought me this bag for Christmas (which just arrived) and it’s a great basic. I see myself using it for years to come.

Theo almost slept through the night over the weekend but that damn cold woke up him up because he couldn’t breathe. Fingers crossed!

This video of Adele and James Cordon carpooling pretty much made me want to go back to work.  But only if I can carpool with these two every day. If not then forget it.

My obsession with boy clothes is out of control. I thought Isla was fun to dress but little boy stuff is so stinking cute. I’m currently obsessed with H&M and Zara kids’ sections. If only he’d stop growing out of everything so quickly!

I’m officially back in all of my regular jeans (YAY! + Confession: Even though I don’t have to, I still wear these maternity jeans all the time because I love them) but I’m in the market for a few new one-piece bathing suits for summer. No bikinis for this mama (though I do love these high-waisted bottoms). This one is on my radar.

We need a family vacation. Something for summer. Somewhere in the U.S. preferably or cheap abroad and feasible with two kids. Suggestions welcome! (I know I always say this and then we never go anywhere, but I mean it this time!!)

Happy Monday! I hope you have another snow day like we do here in Philly!

Kids, Life


Ice skating at Delaware River Waterfront RiverrinkIn lieu of a party for Isla’s second birthday we decided to plan a fun day out in the city together. Chris had to work on his own birthday (and we have a newborn at home who can’t be left with a sitter because he eats every five minutes) so we didn’t really get a chance to celebrate his birthday in December. Since he loves ice skating and Isla loves to be outside, I suggested we check out the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest on the Delaware River Waterfront. Isla absolutely loved it, and Chris was that guy skating around backwards with his hands in his pockets because he used to play hockey and is so cool, you guys. They only made it around together once, but the rink is really big so it was just enough for her. The place itself was awesome. The rink overlooks the Ben Franklin Bridge and the Delaware River and features a pop-up lodge, games, food, fire pits and music (Adele’s “Hello” was playing when we got there and Isla was dancing, singing and calling her Elsa). It was such a fun place.

After they were both done on the ice we took Isla over to check out the lodge and play cornhole before treating her to her very first Franklin Fountain hot chocolate, complete with three big, gooey marshmallows. Let me tell you, this kid was in heaven. It was the perfect afternoon. Theo slept the whole time in the stroller because that’s what Theo does best (besides eat) and I think Isla really felt like this day was all about her. She had our undivided attention and was loving every minute of it. She ran around singing, “I TWO, I TWO, I TWO” and “Happy To You!” while giggling and getting as dirty as she possibly could. That’s my kind of birthday.

To top it all off we surprised her with a cupcake and two little candles at home. Sugar overload, followed by a long, wonderful nap. Everybody wins!

I hope you had the best birthday ever, Isla Bee! We love you so much!
Isla's birthday cupcakeDelaware River Waterfront WinterfestDelaware River Waterfront WinterfestDelaware River Waterfront WinterfestDelaware River Waterfront WinterfestIce skating at Delaware River Waterfront RiverrinkIsla_Hot_Chocolate_2Delaware River Waterfront WinterfestDelaware River Waterfront WinterfestIce skating at Delaware River Waterfront RiverrinkIce skating at Delaware River Waterfront RiverrinkIsla_Hot_Chocolate_3Isla_Mom_Winterfest_LodgeIsla_Hot_ChocolateIslas_Birthday_Blue_Cross_River_RinkIsla's birthday cupcake